More Great Travels with Harley Trips

Travels with Harley Trips

We love our Travels with Harley Trips and promised you another week of motorcycle road trips in Tennessee, and if you have been reading our blog, which turns three this month, you will know that Jim and I always keep our word.

Old Hickory Road is a favorite of the Travels with Harley crew. The 27-mile ride begins where Old Hickory Road and the I-40E connect. Although you are only about 15 minutes outside of the country capital of the world, Nashville, you will feel like you have ridden to a distant location with a mix of rural, suburban, and urban scenery. Of course, I did my research before the trip and we like to head to Richard. Richard is actually an eatery that has great live music and delicious Cajun foods. Richards is open in the Tuesday through Friday with brunch on Saturday and Sunday.

If you love rides through the forest you will have to try another Travels with Harley Trips favorite, The Blues Highway. This along with other great rides can be found on one of our favorite reference websites, where you will find the best motorcycle routes and roads across the United States. Travels with Harley always checks before hitting the road.

The Blues Highway is another one of those Travels with Harley Trips that you will not want to miss. The 274-mile ride will take you to Highway 61 towards Memphis. If you’re hungry, there is great food nearly everywhere. If you would rather take another route, you could divert on to Highway 1 and visit Kermit the Frog’s birthplace.

The Mississippi Delta scenery is flat. As you enjoy the smooth and steady ride on your Harley there will be miles of road where all you will see are fields of cotton, soybeans, and corn. Jim and I like to stay a few days when we take the Blues Highway, as there are so many places to enjoy especially when it comes to great restaurants.

Located in downtown Memphis, Gus’s World Famous Fried Chicken is the place to be for the best southern cooking in town. If you do make the trip, be sure to gas up in the cities, as there is lots of pavement between fill ups.

The Back roads of Ocoee is a great little 16-mile ride that will get your heart started with its tight curves on the hilly paved roads. If you’re hungry, pull off at the Farmhouse Restaurant. Located in Etowah the family owned and operated eatery has been around for more than 15 years and features real country cooking’ straight out of Appalachia. This food is definitely not Soul Food or what is also referred to as Southern Cooking.

Travels with Harley sure loves Tennessee and so will you. Next week we have no idea where we are headed, but you can be assured that it will be another one of those great Travels with Harley Trips on the back of our Road King.

Harley Davidson Tennessee Road Trip This Spring

Travels with Harley

A Tennessee Road Trip is spectacular all year round, but especially in the spring and on the back of a Harley Davidson.

Nicknamed the Volunteer State, because of the thousands of soldiers who volunteered during the War of 1812, most prominently risking their lives in the Battle of New Orleans, Tennessee also stood up to the plate during the Mexican War when a mere 2,800 were asked to volunteer by the secretary of state and 30,000 responded.


When it comes to scenery, Tennessee certainly has it all from the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, where the wildflowers are in bloom right now, to the hustle and bustle of Nashville. Tennessee is also home to Graceland in Memphis. The gorgeous estate belonging to the King of Rock, Elvis Presley, is a must on your next Tennessee Road Trip.

Travels with Harley

The Tennessee Legend is an awesome Tennessee Road Trip that is 455 miles long. Of course, unless you don’t want to see anything, you may want to consider taking a couple of days to enjoy this Tennessee Road Trip. The twisty road with lots of tight curves offers gorgeous scenery with canyons, rivers, mountain valleys, and spectacular waterfalls. This Harley road trip certainly has it all with plenty of stops along the way. Try motorcycle camping, or go white water rafting. There are plenty of opportunities on this trip for you to get off your bike and stretch your legs.

Travels with Harley

Highway 141 is another must take Tennessee Road Trip during the spring. A short jaunt, at just 20 miles, this is an alternative route to the interstate and with excellent roads you’ll want to pick a destination before you head out so that you can enjoy the rest of your day. After all, don’t you want to have some fun getting there? The Edgar Evans State Park is the perfect place to stop for a picnic, especially this time of year.

Travels with Harley

If you would rather someone else did the cooking, drop in to the Rose Garden Restaurant about halfway in to your Tennessee Road Trip in Silver Point. Jim and I love great food where you least expect it, and apparently this little diner is right next to a gas station. It would be great for breakfast as the homemade biscuits and gravy are apparently the best in the state, according to Yelp anyway, and if you follow our blog you will know that I ALWAYS check out restaurants before we jump on the Road King.


Travels with Harley

Visit the Great Smoky Mountains in all her glory on the Tennessee 32 Road Trip. This 14-mile ride takes you through the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and the Cherokee National Park. Thanks to the wet winter, the cavalcade of colors from the abundant wildflowers is truly spectacular. One of the best things about the Tennessee 32 is that there is literally no traffic with the exception of about the last one and a half miles or so. Make sure you gas up, and don’t forget to pack a lunch. You will want to enjoy the beauty of spring on your own time.

Travels with Harley

This spring head to one of the most beautiful states in the country and enjoy a Tennessee Road Trip on the back of your Harley.

Tennessee is so plentiful when it comes to an awesome Tennessee Road Trip were going to spend another week in what is also known as the Butternuts state.

Have a great week everyone!