More Little Known Christmas Facts

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Before Travels with Harley gets into our last blog about Christmas facts, Jim and Demea would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas, and an even Happier New Year. Now, let’s get back to the things that you didn’t know about Christmas.

Travels with Harley

Leave it to the Scandinavians, most notably the Norwegian scientists, who have come up with a hypothesis that Rudolph’s cherry red nose is most probably the result of an unfortunate parasitic infection coming from his respiratory system. If you have been reading our little known Christmas facts, you will know that couldn’t possibly be the case. One thing that Travels with Harley didn’t tell you was that Montgomery Ward almost gave Rudolph a different colored nose as the top brass thought that the public would perceive Rudolph as a drunkard.

Travels with Harley

The biggest Christmas stocking in the world measured in at 106 feet plus another 9 inches long and a massive 49 feet and an inch wide. Weighing as much as five of Santa’s reindeer, the largest Christmas stocking on the planet was stuffed with nearly 1,000 gifts and was made in London by the Children’s Society on December 14 in 2007.

The British, Australians and other Commonwealth countries open their Christmas Crackers, also known as Bon Bons, which are tubes wrapped up in paper with prizes inside on Christmas Day during Christmas lunch, brunch, or dinner. Once popped open, yes they make a sound much like a firecracker, the Christmas Crackers contain everything from toys to paper crowns that dinner guests wear during the Christmas meal.

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The gorgeous poinsettia plants that adorn homes all over the world are actually native to Mexico, and although it is considered poisonous, it is not. However, holy berries are. The poinsettia was originally cultivated by the Aztecs. The Aztecs called it Cuetlaxochitl, which translates to, “Flower which wilts.” The plants color symbolizes purity and was quite often used to help reduce fever.

Travels with Harley

President Theodore Roosevelt was a vocal environmentalist and in 1901, forbid live Christmas Trees in the White House.

This Christmas be kind to your friends and family and don’t forget to remember why we celebrate. Merry Christmas to all, and as they say, to all a good night…

There is nothing better than a Harley Davidson Road Trip


Last week I shared some of the trials and tribulations about planning a Harley Davidson road trip. Below are the rest of the emails that we received regarding our trip.

This one came from Mike:


Thank you, Jon.


Now that you have chosen a date there is one less thing for me to do. Your offer is so good that my wife even wants to ride along on the back of the bike. Her other motive is that she wants to see her niece who lives in Boulder and attends college there.

We are looking forward to a good ride in the high country.



When we first arrived for the opening evening of the Wild West Ride in San Bernardino, as usual there was a dinner. We selected a table and joined a couple and a single man who were there. The man was Jon and he and Jim decided to ride together the next day. The couple, Lisa & Larry from Georgia, have become friends who we continue to see on the rides each year and enjoy visiting with them.

S/W Ver: 9E.01.16R

The next morning, Jon had another rider with him, Dennis that he had met and asked to join us. As we were riding out of town, Mike pulled up behind us at a stoplight and joined in forming what Jim and I both believe will be a lifelong friendship.

We rode with Jon, Mike, and Dennis for the first 3 days. On the last two, we had been asked to join another group, Steve, Jody & Matt.


In 2013, Mike planned a ride to do a good portion of Route 66. Jon joined him for most of the ride and they made plans to stop for a visit with us here. They stayed overnight at our home and we all had a great visit.

For the Hellbender Tour in Arkansas in 2013, Mike and Jon did not join the ride, although Larry & Lisa from Georgia did. We also rode with Matt & Steve. Jim and I had such a great time that we all agreed to make sure we would join up again for the 2014 ride.


So, now we have two rides planned. Both the New England Trailblazer in September and the Colorado ride for July. We really would have liked to travel to Idaho, but it is hard to justify that much time away from our business. Both Jim and I are looking forward to the day when we can retire and spend all of our time on the road for, “Travels with Harley.”