Motorcycle Road Trips Myths and Legends

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Last week I really enjoyed sharing the ride to Hannibal Missouri. Jim and I have great memories when it comes to our Motorcycle Road Trips and can’t wait to create new ones this year. We hope to get to the Myths and Legends Tour, October 21st to the 27th and the 175th Anniversary in Sturgis, in the Black Hills from August 3rd to the 9th. We have talked about Sturgis in a previous blog and would love to make it one of our Motorcycle Road Trips this summer.

Travels with Harley

Speaking of Myths and Legends, there are quite a few surrounding Harley Davidson and motorcycles in general. Below are three of my personal favorites.


Most people who don’t know anything about Motorcycle Road Trips tend to class a group of riders together labeling them as, “Hells Angels,” and although we certainly aren’t being disrespectful, most of the groups that you see together on Motorcycle Road Trips are actually Harley Davidson Owners Groups. If you follow our blog, you will know that Jim and I belong to the Bourbeuse Valley Chapter here in Missouri.

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Lay it Down for Safety

Thirty years ago most folks participating in Motorcycle Road Trips, or any ride on a bike for that matter, recommended that you lay your motorcycle down if a crash was in front of you or impending. Maybe that was because the tires weren’t as sticky as they are today and the brakes were less than trustworthy. Helmets back then weren’t that great either. The motorcycles of today are faster with some being equipped with ABS braking systems. Most riders have practiced good techniques when it comes to braking, know how to swerve or make a quick turn to avoid a potential accident, and would never lay their bike down. Doing so may slow you down, but it could also make things worse and throw you into oncoming traffic.

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Black is Cool

One of my favorite Myths and Legends when it comes to Motorcycle Road Trips is “Riders wear black to look cool.” Black leather pants, black boots, black gloves, black leather jackets and black chaps do look great, and although some may wear it to look cool, we call them, “Wannabes and posers,” Jim and I wear it because it is the best protection you can get when you are participating in Motorcycle Road Trips.

Travels with Harley

These days there are some colors that have been added to the mix. With that being said, I love my white, orange and black jacket and matching chaps. Today, gear is made from other materials and colors that have built in protection on the back, shoulders and elbows, but black is still the favorite when it comes to Motorcycle Road Trips.

Travels with Harley

However, black isn’t the best color to wear if you are participating in Motorcycle Road Trips after dark. Some of the newer jackets come with reflective patches making it much easier to see us at night. I love the one that Jim bought me because it is highly visible.

Motorcycle Day Trips in Missouri

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It has started to warm up a bit, but that isn’t expected to last with the cooler weather and rain returning in a few days. Jim and I are hoping to get a ride in sooner rather than later so I have been checking out some Motorcycle Day Trips in Missouri that we would like to enjoy once Mother Nature decides to play fair.

Travels with Harley

Missouri is full of outstanding Motorcycle Day Trips, as our beautiful state has been blessed with unspoiled scenery that is filled with rolling hills, country roads, and quaint villages. As you know, I like to eat, and Missouri certainly doesn’t disappoint with delicious eateries that range from diners and restaurants to roadside dive bars. Some of the bigger cities such as St. Louis, Branson, and Kansas City offer excellent hotels and restaurants that are perfect for Motorcycle Day Trips. The show me state also has several wineries that could show Napa a thing or two.

The Peach Float Cruise

Some of the more popular Motorcycle Day Trips include Branson to Table Rock Loop, the Mark Twain National Park Circle, the Missouri Highway V and T from Union Missouri to Wildwood Missouri, the Bagnell Dam Loop and the Missouri Route 86-Ride the Eagle. The Peach Float Cruise and the Rolla-Salem Loop also sound pretty cool if you want to take Motorcycle Day Trips in Missouri

Travels with Harley

Brian’s Quick Fun Ride is another example of one of the great Motorcycle Day Trips that you will find in Missouri. Taking you through sweeping curves and a few hills you will find yourself smack dab in the middle of Missouri farmland with lots of hills and some challenging curves. If you have been following our blog, you will know that Jim loves the curves. Located near Sedalia this short and fun ride is a favorite route among the locals and visitors for Motorcycle Day Trips.

Travels with Harley

Even if you take your time, the trip only takes about an hour and a half. Eateries along the way include El Tapatio and Goodies Steakburgers. Best fuel up in Sedalia though as you won’t find any gas along the way unless you take Highway 135 south just past Highway M to Highway 52 where you will travel east to Stover.


The Old School House on the Hill Ride takes you through Ozark Hill Country and features left and right rollercoaster hills with rhythmic curves. Follow the signs and you will get an awesome view of the Missouri River just before you hit the bridge on your way into Chamois. Although the ride isn’t fast or particularly long, it is quite beautiful. This is another example of Motorcycle Day Trips in Missouri that you will not want to miss.

Travels with Harley

Stop for the night at the Old School on the Hill Bed and Breakfast, which is located at the end of Main St. on the highest point in Chamois. The historical property looks over the beautiful Missouri River Valley and is very clean and comfortable. Although Chamois is a small town, you can fill up at the convenience store and wander across the street to Dandi’s. The full service local bar serves awesome pub fare and hosts live bands on the weekends.

Travels with Harley


Of course, I could go on and on, but I’m getting cabin fever just thinking about it as I can’t wait to head out for some awesome Motorcycle Day Trips with Jim this spring.

Dreaming about Harley Davidson Rides


Now that the weather has become too cold to navigate on the Road King, Jim and I have been spending these winter nights dreaming about Harley Davidson Rides and deciding where we will go and what we will do once the daffodils begin to bloom. I recently checked out some really good Harley Davidson Rides that aren’t too far from home and offer us the perfect weekend getaway.

hellbender map

We’ve been on the Hellbender Tour, which was fantastic, but after some research, I’ve discovered some Harley Davidson Rides that Jim and I are going to have to check out this spring.


Missouri isn’t called the, “Show me state,” for nothing. With its streams, rivers, lakes, rolling hills and stunning plains, the open roads are literally endless and a must for anyone who owns a Harley Davidson, or any other bike for that matter.


To the south is the impressive Ozark Mountains with popular Harley Davidson Rides that include The Glade Top Trail Ride that runs through the Great River Road and the Ozark Hill Country. Both are good Harley Davidson Rides for beginning and advanced riders.


Although Missouri does experience some cooler temps during the spring, it really is a great time to get out and enjoy the sunshine. The Mark Twain National Forest is a unique historical destination for Harley Davidson Rides that folks from all over the world enjoy. Because the roads are among the best in the United States, the rolling terrain is easy to maneuver, yet varied just enough to offer exciting Harley Davidson Rides for all to enjoy.


Located just south of Missouri, Arkansas has some beautiful Harley Davidson Rides for everyone. The Pig Tail Ride is about a seven-hour ride that takes you through Eureka Springs, Saint Paul, Huntsville, Withrow Springs, Berryville, Green Forrest, Jasper, and Clarksville. Ride above ground through Withrow Springs State Park or venture on a below ground adventure visiting the Crystal Dome and the Mystic Caverns.


The caves at the Mystic Caverns are pretty cool as is the Mulberry River, which is recognized nationally as the National Wild and Scenic River. This area is also known for its large population of native Black Bears.

Spring is still a few months away, but there are plenty of motorcycle activities that I will share with you next week before we head out on another Travels with Harley.

Itching to Take the Road King for a Spin


Thankfully, the weather is beginning to warm up. Yesterday we reached nearly 54 degrees, and although it was cloudy it sure was a nice change compared to temperatures in the high teens and low twenties, and that was during the day! It’s still crazy weather though. The 10 day forecast calls for 74 degrees and partly cloudy on Tuesday with snow showers on Wednesday. Unfortunately with the unpredictable weather, Jim and I have yet to plan a trip on the Road King, but I’m still doing my research and have come up with a few places that I would love to film for Travels with Harley.


Iowa lies to the north and has some great places to explore with some cute little Bed and Breakfast places that I would love to check out. Known as the land that lies between two rivers, Iowa sits between the Mississippi river on the East and the Missouri River on the west. The motorcycle roads are filled with winding curves, which is something that Jim really enjoys. The center of Iowa is filled with farming communities and sweeping prairies that would be the perfect spot to have a picnic.


The George Washington Highway in West Virginia is made for our Road King. With its twists, turns and beautiful scenery, it really is a great ride. Head north on the highway and you will be met with the beauty of the Monogahela National Forest. The Cathedral State Park is a nice midway point where you can stop and stretch your legs. Best of all, after you’ve completed the ride two of the East Coasts most famous and best rides, the Blue Ridge Parkway, and Skyline Drive are waiting for you.


When Jim and I take our cross-country ride on our Road King, I really want to check out the San Juan Mountain Skyway in Colorado. Known as the, “Switzerland of America,” it features amazing red rock canyons, hot springs, and 14,000-foot high mountain peaks. Because it is a loop, you can start anywhere you want in either direction.


I hope that Jim and I will be able to take our Road King out on the road soon so I can share our next Travels with Harley adventure, but until then I will just have to live vicariously through the internet.