Missouri Motorcycle Road Trip Accommodations

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If you are planning an extended motorcycle road trip, you will need a place to stay, unless of course you plan on camping. However, Jim isn’t one for camping on a motorcycle trip so I am always checking out hotels, motels, bed and breakfast places and little Inn’s that are friendly to people who are on a motorcycle road trip.

Travels with Harley

Jim and I have always wanted to explore our great country on the Road King, and if we ever get to retire, plan on it. In the meantime, I’ll do my research to make sure that we have lots of accommodations to choose from when we do go on another motorcycle road trip.


Some people like to go on a motorcycle road trip without making plans, but if you have been reading our blog, you will know that I am not one of those people. I like to know something about the restaurants that we will come across on our motorcycle road trip as well as the hotels and motels that we may consider staying in.

Because Missouri is where we call home, I thought I would mention a few hotels that are biker friendly if you are out on a motorcycle road trip in Missouri.

TTravels with Harleyhe Staybridge Suites are located on Keene Street in the historic Vista District in Columbia, MO and have a private parking lot just for motorcycles, something that you don’t see all that often if you are on a motorcycle road trip. The hotel offers free breakfast, always nice, an indoor heated pool, and a fitness center.

Travels with Harley

If you want to stay in a cabin or a room on your next Motorcycle Road Trip, you should book a night or two at the Kay Lynn Family Resort on the Lake of the Ozarks in Osage Beach. It has a private parking lot for motorcycles, free Wi-Fi, BBQ’s, tables and chairs and a kitchenette where you can cook your meals. Located just a few minutes from some of the best restaurants in the area, the Kay Lynn Resort has everything you need if you are heading out on a motorcycle road trip.

Travels with Harley

Not everyone likes to stay in a hotel, and if you would rather stay in a private home, check out Meeks Retreat. This vacation property features three bedrooms and two baths and is located on a 50-acre private wooded setting. With lake front views from the deck, you can relax in this wonderful retreat that is just 40 miles outside of Branson, MO. The kitchen is well-stocked with everything you need so you can kick back and relax before heading out on the next leg of your motorcycle road trip. Oh, and Meeks Retreat also has bike washing facilities and plenty of bike parking.

Travels with Harley


Next time we will head out to my old stomping grounds to look for some more places to stay on a motorcycle road trip.

Dreaming about Harley Davidson Rides


Now that the weather has become too cold to navigate on the Road King, Jim and I have been spending these winter nights dreaming about Harley Davidson Rides and deciding where we will go and what we will do once the daffodils begin to bloom. I recently checked out some really good Harley Davidson Rides that aren’t too far from home and offer us the perfect weekend getaway.

hellbender map

We’ve been on the Hellbender Tour, which was fantastic, but after some research, I’ve discovered some Harley Davidson Rides that Jim and I are going to have to check out this spring.


Missouri isn’t called the, “Show me state,” for nothing. With its streams, rivers, lakes, rolling hills and stunning plains, the open roads are literally endless and a must for anyone who owns a Harley Davidson, or any other bike for that matter.


To the south is the impressive Ozark Mountains with popular Harley Davidson Rides that include The Glade Top Trail Ride that runs through the Great River Road and the Ozark Hill Country. Both are good Harley Davidson Rides for beginning and advanced riders.


Although Missouri does experience some cooler temps during the spring, it really is a great time to get out and enjoy the sunshine. The Mark Twain National Forest is a unique historical destination for Harley Davidson Rides that folks from all over the world enjoy. Because the roads are among the best in the United States, the rolling terrain is easy to maneuver, yet varied just enough to offer exciting Harley Davidson Rides for all to enjoy.


Located just south of Missouri, Arkansas has some beautiful Harley Davidson Rides for everyone. The Pig Tail Ride is about a seven-hour ride that takes you through Eureka Springs, Saint Paul, Huntsville, Withrow Springs, Berryville, Green Forrest, Jasper, and Clarksville. Ride above ground through Withrow Springs State Park or venture on a below ground adventure visiting the Crystal Dome and the Mystic Caverns.


The caves at the Mystic Caverns are pretty cool as is the Mulberry River, which is recognized nationally as the National Wild and Scenic River. This area is also known for its large population of native Black Bears.

Spring is still a few months away, but there are plenty of motorcycle activities that I will share with you next week before we head out on another Travels with Harley.