Motorcycle Camping in California

motorcycle camping

For the past couple of weeks, Travels with Harley has talked about Motorcycle camping, and if you have been following our blog, you will have all the tips you need for a successful motorcycle camping trip, but you still need somewhere to camp. After some research, Jim and I discovered some of the best places in California for Motorcycle camping.

Motorcycle camping

Big Sur

Jim and I love Big Sur and have spent plenty of time there; however, we have never pitched a tent. According to other H.O.G. members, Big Sur has a motorcycle camping site that is just five miles down a little dirt road, which certainly keeps the tourists away. The campsite has awesome views of the Pacific Ocean and fire rings, but best bring your own water, as there isn’t any available. Also, be prepared to take your trash out and bring you own wood as it is illegal to gather it at the campsite. The sunsets are phenomenal and something that everyone should see at least once.

motorcycle camping

Death Valley Saline Valley Hot Springs

Travels with Harley have talked about the incredible motorcycle road trips in Death Valley, but now we hear it is an awesome place to camp as well. The campsite is about 50 miles from any paved road giving campers two ways to get in, the south, and the north passes into Saline Valley. The North Pass was recently graded, but the south still remains grueling and will test your riding skills. Be prepared as it is a long way in if you have any problems. Make sure that you check out the Saline Valley Hot Springs and don’t forget to pack your necessities and bring plenty of water. Because of the heat, the best time to go is in the winter.

motorcycle camping

Joshua Tree Hidden Valley

Another winter motorcycle camping spot that you won’t want to miss is Joshua Tree, Hidden Valley. If you want to enjoy the high desert you will love the campsite, and although it’s remote, it is well worth it as it is the most picturesque in the Joshua Tree Hidden Valley campsite, just make sure you watch out for rattlesnakes. Even if you camp during the winter, they are still plentiful in Joshua Tree.

motorcycle camping

Nelder Grove Campground Western Sierras

If you love the giant redwoods in California, you will not want to miss the Nelder Grove Campground. You can get to the campsite by traveling down a forest service road that is dotted with Sequoia stumps that were left over from logging in the 19th century. You can actually set up camp around the stumps. Best of all, the Sequoia Grove is walking distance from the campsite. Be sure to walk the Shadow of the Giants Trail. The best time to travel to the campsite that has clean toilets and water is during the summer.

motorocycle camping


Motorcycle camping can be lots of fun, as long as you are prepared. Make sure that you check out the Travels with Harley Camping Tips.

Happy motorcycle camping!

More Motorcycle Camping Tips

Motorcycle Riding Tips

If you follow Travels with Harley, you would have read about our Motorcycle Camping Tips in a previous blog. You will also remember that Jim isn’t crazy about motorcycle camping, but I’m sure if he was a fan, he would appreciate this week’s Motorcycle Camping Tips.

Motorcycle Riding Tips


The first thing you want to consider is the season. If you are going Motorcycle Camping during late fall or early winter your apparel will be quite different from camping in spring or summer. You also have to think about what your activities will be when you get off your bike.

Take a pair of rubber booties or shower shoes, a windbreaker, and synthetic clothing, which tend to compress and pack easier than cotton. Synthetics can also be layered for cooler temperatures and dry easier as the sweat wicks itself away for your skin.

Motorcycle Riding Tips


Unless you are staying in a cabin or hotel, which technically isn’t Motorcycle Camping, you need to make sure you have your shelter situation well in hand. Minimalist camping is okay for some, but quite frankly, the thought of sleeping under a shower curtain, or nothing at all isn’t very appealing.

Motorcycle Riding Tips

After talking to other H.O.G riders, the best Motorcycle Camping Tips include purchasing a dome tent that is one more person larger than the number of people sleeping in it. If you have a four-person tent with four people snoozing at night, buy a five or six person tent that is light enough to carry, but big enough to hold the four of you and your gear safely out of the weather. Also, make sure you have a groundcover that will fit your tent. You’ll be nice, dry, and safe from bugs and reptiles.

Motorcycle Riding Tips


If other motorcycle camping enthusiasts laugh when you tell them you are buying a sleeping mat, say good for you and go get a nice bag and mat. Personally the last thing Jim, or me for that matter, would want to do is sleep on the ground.

Motorcycle Riding Tips


Portable menu items have certainly come along way. These days you can find freeze-dried foods that will give you a gourmet meal just by adding water. However, before you head out of town, it is a great idea to plan your meals accordingly. Decide when you will eat at the campsite and when you will venture out to a restaurant. Don’t forget water purification tablets, as sometimes campground water isn’t always what it should be.

This summer enjoy yourself and try some of these Motorcycle Camping Tips if you are heading out for a few days. Happy Camping!