Tips for Motorcycle Camping Trips

Motorcycle Camping Trips

Motorcycle Camping Trips are something that I would love to try. However, if you follow the Travels with Harley blog, you will know that Jim isn’t so fond of Motorcycle Camping Trips, but seeing as summer is in full swing, we thought we would share some great Motorcycle Camping Trips tips before you head out on the road.

Don’t Spend a Fortune

Motorcycle Camping TripsIf you have decided to try Motorcycle Camping Trips, don’t go off and spend a ton of money on the latest gear and equipment. Start slow, plan a short trip, and pack light. Buy or borrow enough equipment for an overnight stay at a location that you are familiar with. If you end up hating Motorcycle Camping Trips you will be stuck with all of your expensive camping gear.

Motorcycle Camping Trips

Planning is everything

Just like our Road King, most motorcycles have very little carrying capacity. Make sure that you take what you need and leave the rest at home. Remember, Motorcycle Camping Trips are really backpacking on a motorcycle so making a checklist is imperative. During the planning stages, make sure that you check the weather as well.


Check and Re-Check

Motorcycle Camping TripsMake sure that you are familiar with your camping gear before you hit the road. Set up your tent, make sure you know how the stove works and prepare something before you head out. Try sleeping on your pad and bag before you go on Motorcycle Road Trips. Keep an inventory and checklist the morning of your trip to make sure you don’t leave anything at home.

Motorcycle Camping Trips


Never overload your bike on Motorcycle Camping Trips. Travels with Harley recommend that you store your heavier items on the bottom and as forward to your rear wheel as possible. Pack your motorcycle the day before you leave and do a test-drive.

Motorcycle Camping Trips

Match your Campsite

People who venture out on Motorcycle Camping Trips know ahead of time where they will be staying. If the site that you have your eye on takes reservations, make them. Most campsites are fully booked a month or two in advance. If you have never been on Motorcycle Camping Trips book a campsite that has running water, toilets, and showers. If you are experienced when it comes to Motorcycle Camping Trips, you can rough it, but make sure that the place you are headed allows motorcycles. Also, make sure to read the reviews for the campsites that you are considering.

Motorcycle Camping Trips


Of course, there is much more to share when it comes to Motorcycle Camping Trips and we plan on telling you all about it in an up and coming Travels with Harley blog.