Motorcycle Day Trips in California this Spring

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If you follow the Travels with Harley Blog, you will know that California is one of the best places for motorcycle day trips, especially if you are itching to take your Harley out for a ride.

With the wicked winter the rest of the country has had to deal with California could be the place to be for motorcycle day trips.

motorcycle day trips

Titlow Hill

Not for the faint of heart, The Titlow Hill ride is very challenging, especially for the novice rider. With steep hills and sharp corners, it is important to be aware of the gravel, potholes, the odd bison, and deer that you may encounter along the way. The 64-mile trip is well worth it for seasoned Harley riders as it takes you from Willow Creek to Mad River. Pack a lunch, as you will not see too many amenities along the way.

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Skaggs Spring Road

41 miles of twists and curves is what you will find on the Skaggs Spring Road. Starting on PCH one of the best California motorcycle day trips takes you over the Coastal Range through forests and lots of sharp turns. Extending from beautiful Lake Sonora to Stewarts Point eat before you leave or bring some munchies.

Lost World

motorcycle day trips

If you are itching to spend some time on the road, the 120-mile Lost World ride could be just what the doctor ordered. With lots of challenging curves, you will enjoy the scenery when you take off from the Sequoia National Park before riding around the edge of Bass Lake. Ducey’s on the Lake on Marine Drive is a great place to stop for a bite, especially if you are a meat eater.

motorcycle day trips

Pleasants Valley Cantelow Highway 128

Located in Vacaville, Winters, and Lake Berryessa areas, this is another one of those motorcycle day trips with its curvy loop, overhanging forests and beautiful lakes. The trip is a short 42 miles giving you plenty of time to stop for lunch in downtown Winters. Ficelle offers small plates of Mexican, Californian, and Spanish cuisine.

motorcycle day trips

Get on Your Bike and Ride

Spring is almost here and if your Harley Davidson is still in storage, start California dreaming and plan your motorcycle day trips with Travels with Harley today.

Enjoyable Motorcycle Day Trips in California

Travels with Harley

Motorcycle day trips on the Road King are so much fun, and if you are looking for a great ride while the weather is still nice enough to enjoy, check out some of our picks for California. I’m choosing California because I grew up there and really miss it at times.

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California was nicknamed the Golden State back in 1968, which I find appropriate considering its gold mining heritage, golden poppies, also the state flower, and of course, the Golden Gate Bridge.

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California motorcycle day trips can often turn into an overnight stay, especially if you take into consideration the 1,100 miles of shoreline on the Pacific Coast, endless miles of twisted mountain and arid canyon cruising and vast amounts of mountain roads.

The Mojave National Preserve

If you are aiming for desert motorcycle day trips, spring is definitely the time to take advantage, as the summer months can be much too hot to enjoy the scenery. The Mojave National Preserve II is a great ride that takes you from Kelso Depot, California to the Mojave park entrance in Baker.

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All there aren’t any roadside amenities until you get to Baker, there is plenty of desert scenery to see along the way. Once you get into Baker drop by the Mad Greek restaurant that has been featured on the Food Networks, “Diners, Drive-in’s, and Dives.” This California institution has a great selection of authentic Greek food, including America’s best Gyro and authentic spanakopita.

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Motorcycle day trips like the Sausalito-Leggit tour are spectacular. Heading out on the Pacific Highway you will enjoy the Golden Gate as you head north to Stinson Beach. The road is really fun, especially on the way to Tomales, and although Highway 1 doesn’t offer much in the way of scenery until you get to Bodega Bay, it is still a prime example of why California is one of the best places for motorcycle day trips.

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The best part of the trip is just past Mendocino and Fort Bragg where you will find some great places to eat including the Mendo Bistro and Silvers at the Wharf.

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Jim and I have had the pleasure of riding through the California redwoods on one of your motorcycle day trips, and if you are looking for a great ride, try the Sebastopol-Jenner trip. If you want to avoid the congestion, take some of the nearby alternative routes like the Bohemian Highway via Coleman Valley Road or the King Ridge road where you will find little traffic, but plenty of narrow and challenging twists and turns for motorcycle day trips.

Stumptown Brewery

Stop by for a quick nibble at the Stumptown Brewery and Smokehouse in Guerneville and you may not make it home. This delicious brewpub is famous for its Slow Pulled Pork sandwiches and of course, the smoked St. Louis BBQ pork ribs.

California is a great place to enjoy motorcycle day trips and I’m certainly looking forward to enjoying a few more with Jim on our Travels with Harley.