New Pipes for Jim’s Road King and a new Computer Chip Too

frontwallrideEver since Jim bought the Road King he has wanted to change the pipes, and about a month ago, he finally got around to it. A friend of ours has a Harley Repair Shop with a Dyno.


For those of you who aren’t mechanically inclined, a Dyno, or Dynamometer, is, according to Wikipedia, a device that is used to measure the force and torque along with the power of your motor or engine, or any other prime mover. A Water Wheel or Steam Engine is a good example of a prime mover.


Jay, the mechanic is awesome at what he does and has a great little shop that is 30 miles off the main path in the quaint little town of Rosebud, MO. With a population of 409, according to the 2010 census, Jay’s shop is always busy, not to mention that most shops don’t have a Dyno machine. His piece of equipment is so popular that Jay is often asked to take it to local events. Businesses can advertise Jay’s Dyno machine enticing riders to have their bikes tested for a small fee.


Jay put on a Vance and Hines pro pipe on the Road King. They have a great sound and offer a more comfortable ride with not as much heat coming off. According to the website, Pro Pipe increases the torque, and I can attest to that. Equipped with 12mm o2 Sensor Ports the Pro Pipe is designed to address tuned motors that have been built for higher horsepower needs.


Jim also had a computer chip installed on the Road King that boosts the performance with the high flow air filter. The combination of pipes, chip and air filter let the engine breathe better, sort of like putting headers on a car. All put together, he is really loving his bike a lot more. He’s getting more horsepower, loves the sound and it is running perfect.


Jim and I went for a spur of the moment ride on Sunday with a retired military friend who we met a few years back. Bert brought along a few of his other retired military friends and we went for a nice ride. Although it was overcast, we still had a great time.


It was nice to get out for a ride. Unfortunately, Jim and I had to cancel our Colorado trip. Work is really busy at the moment, and we just can’t take the time away, but I’ll tell you more about that next week. It’s been a long week and I’m exhausted…