A Harley Davidson Motorcycle Camping Trip Has Been Added to the List


I have to admit that when Jim and I venture out on the Roadking for a real trip, not just a day ride, we don’t rough it. We usually stay at a hotel or a cozy bed and breakfast before we take off for day. We’ll stop for lunch at a roadside pub or a diner, drive-in or dive that we saw on the food channel. DCIM100GOPROWith that being said, anywhere we stop has been researched on the net. I’ll check Yelp and other online review sites before we eat, drink or sleep.


Maybe this summer Jim and I will decide to sleep under the stars after a long ride on the Harley Davidson. Camping on a motorcycle trip would be fun, but I know that Jim and I would have to buy a few things, make that quite a few things, if we wanted to wake up in the morning renewed and refreshed instead of grumpy and grouchy.


I went online to see what would need so that I could come up with a budget for our Harley Davidson motorcycle camping trip. What I found made me realize that Jim and I have been living in the 20th century and we don’t have to give up comfort to enjoy the great outdoors.


According to Soundrider.com motorcycle camping is preferred over hotels and motels when it comes to Harley Davidson enthusiasts. When you go on a Harley Davidson motorcycle camping trip you do not have to worry about checking in or checking out. You can come and go as you please.


The first thing we would need is a good Harley Davidson motorcycle camping tent. The tents that were around when Jim and I were kids are a far cry from what is available today. Easy to pack, travel with and set up the top makers of light and affordable tents have made it easy to plan a Harley Davidson motorcycle camping trip. Apparently, a new 2-man tent available, which only weighs 4.5 pounds and is the lightest tent on the market. It can handle serious weather and is no larger than a football when packed away.


I don’t like to sleep on the ground. I’m not a teenager anymore and I like my sleep. Jim and I would have to invest in a good airbed that would fit in our new tent and shrink down small enough to carry on the Roadking. After spending too much time online and not finding anything suitable, as traditional camping air mattresses, or even airbeds are too bulky and heavy, I found a few mats that when packed are smaller than your old school thermos. The down filled mattress is my favorite, as it will keep me warm up to 0 degrees.


There are so many things that Jim and I need to buy if we decide to go on a Harley Davidson motorcycle camping trip. A stove and an ice chest is a must, but how the heck do you fit that on the Roadking?


I guess I’d better get back to my research. At this rate, we might have to find a cute little trailer that we can tow behind the Roadking when we go on a Harley Davidson motorcycle camping trip. Now that’s what I call camping.