Biker Friendly Bars Northern California You Don’t want to Miss

Biker friendly bars Northern California

There are some great biker friendly bars Northern California, and if you follow the Travels with Harley Blog, you will know that Jim and I love to travel to my home state for biker friendly bars California. This week we head to the northern part of the state for more biker friendly bars Northern California.

Harold’s Dante Hotel-This establishment has been around since 1993 and caters to motorcycle riders. Located on Railroad Ave in Cloverdale, Ca. Harold’s Dante Hotel has the coldest beer in town and is great place to stop for a game of pool. With plenty of bike parking, this is a great little example of biker friendly bars Northern California.

biker friendly bars Northern California

The Plainfield Station-Woodland is where you will find this awesome little biker friendly bar and grill. With live music on Fridays and Saturdays, an outdoor bar, and an amazing outdoor stage, you will not want to stop anywhere else. County Road 93 in Woodland the Plainfield Station is the place to be if you are craving a Jalapeno Burger and Fries.

biker friendly bars Northern California

The Buckhorn Bar-Located on Adams Street in Dixon, this is one of the best biker friendly bars Northern California. With live music on Friday and Saturday and Karaoke on Tuesday, the place is hopping all year round. The food is standard pub fare with a great menu. Tuck into a Franchise Rueben Sandwich from the Buckhorn Bar or sink your teeth into the popular Matador Burger.

biker friendly bars Northern California

River City Saloon-2nd Street in Old Sacramento is where you will find the River City Saloon. Opened in 1871, this perfect example of biker friendly bars Northern California has been remodeled a few times over the years and offers free biker parking on the corner of J and 2nd streets. The saloon is known for its Deli Sandwiches and has a variety to choose from. Sample the Gold Miner and don’t forget to wash it down with a glass of house made sarsaparilla.

Biker friendly bars Northern California

Biker friendly bars Northern California offer something for everyone, and if you are planning a day or weekend trip, stop for a bite and enjoy everything that Northern California has to offer.

Next week, Travels with Harley heads east for more biker friendly bars in Nevada.

4 Motorcycle Friendly Restaurants Colorado

motorcycle friendly restaurants Colorado

If you follow the Travels with Harley Blog, you will know how much Jim and I love to eat, and although he is more of a meat and potatoes guy, I can get him to sample some of the interesting menu items that I like to try. This week we are going to share some motorcycle friendly restaurants Colorado that you will love.

motorcycle friendly restaurants Colorado


The Piper Inn Aurora

Located on S Parker Road in Aurora, CO, the Piper Inn is known by bikers all over the United States and is a great place for Buffalo Wings. With plenty of motorcycle parking, you will enjoy tucking into a plate of what some call the best wings in Colorado, fries and a cold beer before heading out on a great ride in Colorado.

motorcycle friendly restaurants Colorado


Handlebars Restaurant and Saloon

Silverton, Colorado is where you will find this great biker friendly restaurant. Since 1989, the Boden Family has been serving up lunch and dinner for hungry riders seven days a week from May through October. Try the lunch cut prime rib for an afternoon nosh, or enjoy fresh rainbow trout for dinner. When you have a meal at Handlebars, you will not leave hungry.

motorcycle friendly restaurants Colorado

Blondie’s Pub and Grub Blondie’s Trophy Room

Claiming to have the coldest beer and the hottest girls in the state, Blondie’s Pub and Grub is a great little place located in Cortez CO, just between Telluride and Durango. Touting its cuisine as, “Mixed,” you will have a difficult time choosing your meal. Serving breakfast, lunch and dinner, anytime is a good time for Blondie’s, and if you are a breakfast fan, you will not be disappointed.

motorcycle friendly restaurants Colorado


Buffalo Rose

This great bar and restaurant has been around since 1858, and offers folks in search of motorcycle friendly restaurants Colorado anything and everything they could ask for.

motorcycle friendly restaurants Colorado

From May to August, you can enjoy a free pig roast on the first Sunday of the month at the Buffalo Rose while washing it down with an icy cold beer. With daily specials that include Taco Tuesday and Burger Madness on Mondays, this is one place you will want to put on your motorcycle friendly restaurants Colorado bucket list.

motorcycle friendly restaurants Colorado

Motorcycle friendly restaurants Colorado are great, especially if you are planning a two, three, or four-day trip.

Next week, Travels with Harley will share some biker friendly hotels and motels where you can relax after a delicious meal in some of the most motorcycle friendly restaurants Colorado.

Spring Motorcycle rides in Arizona

Motorcycle rides in Arizona

Motorcycle rides in Arizona are spectacular during the spring, and if you love to enjoy the great outdoors, Travels with Harley has some motorcycle rides in Arizona that you will love.

motorcycle rides in Arizona

The Coronado Trail

If you like to camp and hike, the Coronado Trail is just the ticket. If you are doing a day trip on your Harley, you will want to pack a lunch, as there are not many amenities. Starting in Clifton, AZ you will see desert, and lots of twists and turns, and although this ride is in a remote part of Arizona, you will love the old copper mining town, aspen forests, and the little meadows as you ride through the White Mountains.

Motorcycle rides in Arizona

Mt. Lemmon Loop

Beginning on the outskirts of southern Phoenix, you will get in some great riding. Because it is the middle of March, you will want to layer up, as it can get quite chilly. Stop in Summerhaven and have a bite to eat at the Sawmill Run Restaurant in Mt. Lemmon. Start off with the Soft Pretzel Basket, or dig into Bacon Cheeseburger. If you like comfort food, you will love the Home Made Meatloaf.

Motorcycle rides in Arizona


Flagstaff to Sedona on 89A

With no shortage of eateries on the way, this is one of the best motorcycle rides in Arizona. With plenty of switchbacks and curves, you will love the scenery, especially during the spring with blooming cactus and wildflowers that are simply breathtaking. Motorcycle rides in Arizona

You’ll start off in the forests of Flagstaff as you work your way to the rock formation that surrounds Sedona. Once you get into town, you can browse the gift and craft shops or enjoy a bite to eat at The Silver Saddle @ Cowboy Club. Not an ordinary steakhouse the menu is full of tasty game meat such as Elk Chops and Buffalo Tenderloin.

Motorcycle rides in Arizona

Motorcycle rides in Arizona can’t be beat, and if you are itching to head out of town for a day or two, this western state has everything you need.

Travels with Harley Motorcycle tips for Spring

motorcycle tips for spring

Motorcycle tips for spring are essential if you live in part of the country that is enjoying an early spring.

Riders in California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Florida may have not winterized their bikes, but there are some motorcycle tips for spring you should know before you head out on your first ride of the spring.

Some of the best motorcycle tips for spring from Travels with Harley include some essentials that you may not be aware of.

motorcycle tips for spring

Harley Davidson Recommission

If you follow the Travels with Harley Blog, you will have added a conditioner or preservative to your fuel before you winterized your motorcycle. Not only does it preserve your battery, but it will also assure a clean start. If you didn’t, add some and clean your tank before you head out on the road.

motorcycle tips for spring winter


Harley Davidson motorcycles that have been asleep all winter may need some brake work as the fluid could have absorbed adding moisture, which will make them feel spongy. Visually inspect and test your brakes after you clean the surface corrosion and any debris that may have collected during the winter. If you are in doubt, Travels with Harley recommends that you change your brake fluid and possibly the brake pads.

motorcycle tips for spring



If you haven’t looked after your Harley Davidson during the winter, the battery may need some TLC, especially if it isn’t sealed. Check your water levels, clean the terminals, and top off with distilled water.

Batteries that won’t start may have a new life with a slow charge, but be aware that your battery can be affected through non-use. If your battery has a hard time turning the engine over or can’t hold a charge, you may want to consider a new one.

motorcycle tips for spring


Check your the tire pressure according to your Harley Davidson owner’s manual. If your bike has been sitting on the tires all winter, it could affect the pressure and the condition. Sometimes the weight of your bike can cause tire damage. If you see any sidewall cracks change out your tires, as you do not want to take any chances when it comes to your Harley Davidson.

motorcycle tips for spring

Steering and Suspension

Jim recommends that you thoroughly inspect your steering and your suspension. Make sure to tighten anything that feels loose, and look for excessive wear. You’ll also want to check your fork seals for leaks.

motorcycle tips for spring

Final Checks

Check your lights for faulty fuses and bulbs and wash your bike. Check for excessive wear and damage. Remove oil and surface corrosion and give it a good polish and wax.

motorcycle tips for spring

Additional motorcycle tips for spring include the rider. Make sure that you take it easy on your first trip and don’t forget to stretch. You may be itching to get out on the road, but you want to be ready, and a three-hour motorcycle trip may not necessarily be the best option for your first motorcycle trip this spring.

Five Halloween Motorcycle Events

Halloween Motorcycle Events

Halloween motorcycle events are happening all over the country, and if you are hoping to get out and enjoy a good old fashioned fright night, Travels with Harley has some great Halloween motorcycle events that just may scare the living daylights out of you.

Halloween motorcycle events

Gypsy MC Halloween Run

The 33rd annual Gypsy MC Halloween Run is a motorcycle rally that is happening on Friday October 21 and runs until Sunday the 23. The event is located at the San Patricio Rattlesnake Grounds in Texas and offers plenty of tent camping with space for self-contained RV’s. With a poker run, auction, bike games, live music, contests, vendors and great food, this should not be missed.

Halloween motorcycle events PA Rally on the River Halloween

The PA Rally on the River Halloween starts on Friday October 21 winding down on Sunday the 23. The motorcycle rally is just another great example of Halloween motorcycle events and takes place at the Splash Magic Campground on the Susquehanna River in Northumberland PA. The Halloween Party and old school biker rally all rolled into one promises lots of surprises for everyone.

Halloween motorcycle events Harley Davidson Museum Skulloween Party

The Harley Davidson Museum in Milwaukee WI is playing host to a Skulloween Party on October 27 with doors opening at 5:00 pm. Happening until 9:00  pm, the event features live music, food, beverages, and lots of costume contests and games. Enter by 7:30 and you can win a $500.00 gift card or an H-D Museum package. You can even win a leather jacket.

Halloween motorcycle events Riders Roost annual Halloween Bash

Ferguson NC is where you will find the Riders Roost annual Halloween Bash on Friday October 28. The Halloween Bash features costume contests, a drunken’ pumpkin contest and live music. Located at the Rider’s Roost Motorcycle Resort and Campground on Elk Creek Darby Rd in Ferguson, the bash is one you won’t forget.

Halloween motorcycle events

Halloween Scenic Ride

The 6th annual Halloween Scenic Ride starts at 8:00 am on Sunday October 30 and runs until 2:00 pm. Beginning at Panera Bread in N. Apopka FL, kickstands go up at 10:00 with riders enjoying lunch at the Cassadaga Hotel, which is known for paranormal activity with ghost sightings all over the place, including some caught on camera. There will even be a Tarot Card reader present.

Halloween motorcycle events

Halloween is just around the corner, and that means more Travels with Harley Halloween motorcycle events next week . Enjoy!

More Great Travels with Harley Trips

Travels with Harley Trips

We love our Travels with Harley Trips and promised you another week of motorcycle road trips in Tennessee, and if you have been reading our blog, which turns three this month, you will know that Jim and I always keep our word.

Old Hickory Road is a favorite of the Travels with Harley crew. The 27-mile ride begins where Old Hickory Road and the I-40E connect. Although you are only about 15 minutes outside of the country capital of the world, Nashville, you will feel like you have ridden to a distant location with a mix of rural, suburban, and urban scenery. Of course, I did my research before the trip and we like to head to Richard. Richard is actually an eatery that has great live music and delicious Cajun foods. Richards is open in the Tuesday through Friday with brunch on Saturday and Sunday.

If you love rides through the forest you will have to try another Travels with Harley Trips favorite, The Blues Highway. This along with other great rides can be found on one of our favorite reference websites, where you will find the best motorcycle routes and roads across the United States. Travels with Harley always checks before hitting the road.

The Blues Highway is another one of those Travels with Harley Trips that you will not want to miss. The 274-mile ride will take you to Highway 61 towards Memphis. If you’re hungry, there is great food nearly everywhere. If you would rather take another route, you could divert on to Highway 1 and visit Kermit the Frog’s birthplace.

The Mississippi Delta scenery is flat. As you enjoy the smooth and steady ride on your Harley there will be miles of road where all you will see are fields of cotton, soybeans, and corn. Jim and I like to stay a few days when we take the Blues Highway, as there are so many places to enjoy especially when it comes to great restaurants.

Located in downtown Memphis, Gus’s World Famous Fried Chicken is the place to be for the best southern cooking in town. If you do make the trip, be sure to gas up in the cities, as there is lots of pavement between fill ups.

The Back roads of Ocoee is a great little 16-mile ride that will get your heart started with its tight curves on the hilly paved roads. If you’re hungry, pull off at the Farmhouse Restaurant. Located in Etowah the family owned and operated eatery has been around for more than 15 years and features real country cooking’ straight out of Appalachia. This food is definitely not Soul Food or what is also referred to as Southern Cooking.

Travels with Harley sure loves Tennessee and so will you. Next week we have no idea where we are headed, but you can be assured that it will be another one of those great Travels with Harley Trips on the back of our Road King.

Harley Road Trips in Alabama

Travels with Harley

Harley road trips is what spring is all about and now that spring has officially sprung, it’s time to pull your Harley out of storage, dust it off and hit the road for great Harley road trips.

Travels with Harley

A couple of weeks ago we took you on some great little Harley road trips in Georgia and promised to take you on some Harley road trips last week, but St. Patrick’s Day side tracked us so we are going to head to Alabama this week instead.

Travels with Harley

Although there is no official nickname for Alabama, it has been known as the Yellowhammer state since the Civil War; Alabama is known for its rich cultural history and is a great place for Harley Road Trips. Some of the trails you can enjoy include the Native American Trail, the Civil War Trail, the Covered Bridge Trail and the Civil Rights Museum trails. Scenery around the state varies from lush forests to rolling hills with a small bit of the Gulf coastline, which is perfect for Harley road trips.

Travels with Harley

The Paint Rock Valley ride is 42 miles long and features some very sharp curves that have even the most experienced riders take care. The windy valley road takes you right along the Paint Rock River that is rich in animal and plant life that you will not find anywhere else. You can gas up at the top of the mountain, but as far as other amenities go, it’s best to pack a lunch and enjoy the scenery.

Travels with Harley

Eagles Point Guntersville State Park is another one of those Harley road trips that you will want to plan. This 79-mile trip takes you along a windy path near the river with gorgeous scenery that is hard to beat. With good quality pavement and lots of straights and turns, it is a good ride that you will want to sample if you are in Alabama. There are quite a few places to stop along the way where you can gas up and stop for a bite to eat. One of the most popular is in Guntersville. Stop for lunch halfway through your trip at the Top of the River, which is known for its catfish and seafood.

Travels with Harley

The Cheaha Mountain Skyway is a great little example of Harley road trips that you will not want to miss as it takes you along the Cheaha Mountain near Talladega in Eastern Alabama. The 44-mile trek is full of unspoiled countryside and into the Talladega National Forest. The wildlife is abundant, so don’t be surprised if you spot a couple of hawks or deer from the back of your Harley. Once you come off the mountain, you will roll into meadows, farms and a couple of small towns. If you want to make it a weekend trip, stay at one of the cozy cabins at the Cheaha State Park where you can relax in a hot tub while pondering the day’s events.

Travels with Harley


Stick with Travels with Harley this spring as Harley road trips are abundant and we plan to take you on every one we can find, in a virtual sense anyway!