Fall Motorcycle Trips and Travels with Harley

fall motorcycle rides

Fall motorcycle trips aren’t going to be around much longer, and if you live in snow country, you will know that there isn’t much time left to enjoy the great outdoors. However, this weekend promises to be one of the best times to see the last of the fall colors. Below are a few fall motorcycle trips that you can still enjoy, albeit, you will have to dress warm.

If you follow the Travels with Harley Blog, you will have learned how to stay warm on a road trip. Jim and I are hoping that you will dress appropriately because as you know, there is nothing worse than being cold on fall motorcycle trips.

fall motorcycle rides

Door County Wisconsin

Wisconsin is beautiful this time of year, and if you are hankering to get on your bike and ride, try Door County, WI if you live in the Midwest. Bordered by Green Bay on the west side and Lake Michigan on the east. This trip features 300 miles of the most spectacular scenery in the state. Michigan also boasts the most lighthouses, eleven to be exact, with some being more than 100 years old. During fall, the birch, maple, sumac and oak trees show off their fall colors making it one of the best destinations for fall motorcycle trips.

fall motorcycle rides

The Blue Ridge Parkway

The 469-mile long Blue Ridge Parkway is located near Waynesboro, VA and follows the Appalachian Mountains alongside the Blue Ridge Mountains before putting you in the Great Smoky Mountains in North Carolina. Scenic campgrounds and overlooks are all over the place with several having lodge style facilities. With no commercial traffic, the Parkway is the best place to enjoy the colors of autumn. This time of year, you will find plenty of craft stalls and country markets that are perfect for some early Christmas shopping.

fall motorcycle rides

Route 50 the George Washington Highway, West Virginia

Route 50 in West Virginia is perfect for fall motorcycle trips especially if you are like Jim and I and enjoy twists and turns. With rivers, mountains, and of course the gorgeous hues of Autumn, you will be amazed, and best of all, once you arrive to your destination, there are a couple more fall motorcycle trips that you may enjoy such as the Blue Ridge Parkway, mentioned above, and Skyline Drive.

fall motorcycle trips

Don’t be disappointed this autumn. Pack up your bike and head out before it’s too late for fall motorcycle trips. Travels with Harley plans to!

Why Veterans Day on November 11

Veterans Day

Veterans Day weekend is fast approaching and if you want to get on your Harley and enjoy the celebration of America, you won’t have to drive far, regardless of where you are located in the United States.

Jim and I love getting out on a three-day weekend, and Veterans Day isn’t any different.

Veterans Day is an opportunity for the two of us to get out, enjoy the holiday, and remember why we celebrate in the first place.

Veterans Day

This Veterans Day is going to be very different from the past where we truly honored those who fought and died for our country. Discord, division and hatred is threatening the one day that America can come together as a nation to celebrate our heroes.

Why We Celebrate

Every year on November 11, America recognizes and honors the men and women who have proudly defended our country, but why on the 11th?

Veterans Day

The signing of the Armistice heralded the end of WWI finally putting a stop to the hostility between Germany and the Allied Nations in 1918.

Intended to thank and honor all military personnel who have served in all of the wars in the United States, Veterans Day is celebrated with church services and parades with American flags being hung at half-mast in many places across America. A two-minute moment of silence is a tradition that occurs all over the United States at 11:00 am.

Veterans Day

An Armistice between the Allied Nations and Germany became a reality in the 11th month on the 11th day in the 11th hour. President Woodrow Wilson proclaimed that the day be, “Filled with solemn pride in the heroism of those who died in the country’s service and with gratitude and victory.” Plans were made for public meetings and parades with business activities and festivities briefly suspended for two minutes on the 11th hour.

This Veterans Day remember why our country is so great and take a moment of silence on the 11th hour this November 11. Happy Veterans Day everyone.

Tips for Staying Warm on a Motorcycle

staying warm on a motorcycle

Staying warm on a motorcycle is always a priority, especially at this time of year. Travels with Harley explains that warm riders are much safer than those who are freezing from the winter chill.

Being cold will lead to exhaustion, the shivers, memory, slow reaction times, low energy, and drowsiness making it a difficult journey for everyone else on the road.

Below are a few tips that will make staying warm on a motorcycle easy:

staying warm on a motorcycle

It’s what’s Underneath

Most motorcycle and sports stores sell thin thermal underwear that is very effective when it comes to staying warm on a motorcycle. Wear long underwear, knee warmers, neck tubes, socks, glove liners, and balaclavas that will keep you warm.

staying warm on a motorcycle

Gearing up

Today’s motorcycle riding gear comes in a range of different materials that will keep you toasty without the added bulk. Buy good quality textile gear that will keep you warm. Leather will cut the wind, but it gets stiff and cold. If you are wearing leather, stay zipped up paying close attention to your neck. If you aren’t zipped up, you will get cold.

staying warm on a motorcycle


Your Extremities

It is vital that you dress for warmth. You may have the best jacket on the planet, but if you don’t have a good pair of riding gloves and some absorbent wool socks, your toes and fingers will go numb. If you are unsure, ask a sales assistant for the best socks and gloves that will make staying warm on a motorcycle easy.

staying warm on a motorcycle

Wind Chill

Calculating the wind chill can be difficult, especially if you are on a long motorcycle ride. Try to stay out of the wind, crouch, and slow down. Tucking your legs into your tank can also help against wind chill.

Staying warm on a motorcycle can be difficult at the best of times, but if you follow the above tips from Travels with Harley, you may be able to enjoy the ride a little bit more comfortably.

Halloween Trick or Treat and More Trivia


Halloween is just around the corner, and if you are planning to trick or treat this year with the kids, here are some interesting fun facts that you may want to share with the whole family.

According to the Smithsonian, Halloweens history is a bit odd, or even weird, just like the holiday itself.


The Celts

The Celtic Tradition of dressing up as evil spirits was originally practiced at the end of the year. The Celts believed that humanity moved from each year to the next overlapping the living and dead who would again roam the earth. The Celts dressed up as demons to defend themselves hoping to fool the demons into thinking they were one in the same.


The Catholics

When the Catholic Church started borrowing other religious holidays while trying to convert Christians and others who had left the church, the demon dress up holiday was turned into, “All Hallows Eve,” followed by, “All Soul’s Day,” and, “All Saints Day,” where people dressed up as angels and saints.


Trick or Treating

As far as going door to door for treats or tricks, that tradition began back in the middle ages when kids would go, “Guising,” from the word disguising, begging for money or food in exchange for prayers or songs that were said for the dead. This was also known as, “Souling,” with children known as, “Souler’s.”


Trick or treating didn’t begin in the United States until the late twenties or early thirties pausing during World War II because of the sugar rations. However, Halloween was once in full swing by the beginning of the 1950′s.


The term, “Trick or Treat,” goes back to 1927 with the Canadians dubbing it as strenuous fun with wagons, gates, and barrels decorating the homes and streets. Young hooligans would demand edible plunder at both front and back doors while saying, “Trick or Treat.”


The Irish were responsible for the introduction of Jack O’ Lanterns. People would place candles in turnips that were hollowed out to keep ghosts and spirits away on the holiday.

Not everyone is keen on Halloween. In fact, the British dislike the holiday so much that more than half turn off the lights on All Hallows Eve according to a survey back in 2006.


This year be safe, dress up, and remember All Hallows Eve. Happy Halloween from Travels with Harley.

Five Halloween Motorcycle Events

Halloween Motorcycle Events

Halloween motorcycle events are happening all over the country, and if you are hoping to get out and enjoy a good old fashioned fright night, Travels with Harley has some great Halloween motorcycle events that just may scare the living daylights out of you.

Halloween motorcycle events

Gypsy MC Halloween Run

The 33rd annual Gypsy MC Halloween Run is a motorcycle rally that is happening on Friday October 21 and runs until Sunday the 23. The event is located at the San Patricio Rattlesnake Grounds in Texas and offers plenty of tent camping with space for self-contained RV’s. With a poker run, auction, bike games, live music, contests, vendors and great food, this should not be missed.

Halloween motorcycle events PA Rally on the River Halloween

The PA Rally on the River Halloween starts on Friday October 21 winding down on Sunday the 23. The motorcycle rally is just another great example of Halloween motorcycle events and takes place at the Splash Magic Campground on the Susquehanna River in Northumberland PA. The Halloween Party and old school biker rally all rolled into one promises lots of surprises for everyone.

Halloween motorcycle events Harley Davidson Museum Skulloween Party

The Harley Davidson Museum in Milwaukee WI is playing host to a Skulloween Party on October 27 with doors opening at 5:00 pm. Happening until 9:00  pm, the event features live music, food, beverages, and lots of costume contests and games. Enter by 7:30 and you can win a $500.00 gift card or an H-D Museum package. You can even win a leather jacket.

Halloween motorcycle events Riders Roost annual Halloween Bash

Ferguson NC is where you will find the Riders Roost annual Halloween Bash on Friday October 28. The Halloween Bash features costume contests, a drunken’ pumpkin contest and live music. Located at the Rider’s Roost Motorcycle Resort and Campground on Elk Creek Darby Rd in Ferguson, the bash is one you won’t forget.

Halloween motorcycle events

Halloween Scenic Ride

The 6th annual Halloween Scenic Ride starts at 8:00 am on Sunday October 30 and runs until 2:00 pm. Beginning at Panera Bread in N. Apopka FL, kickstands go up at 10:00 with riders enjoying lunch at the Cassadaga Hotel, which is known for paranormal activity with ghost sightings all over the place, including some caught on camera. There will even be a Tarot Card reader present.

Halloween motorcycle events

Halloween is just around the corner, and that means more Travels with Harley Halloween motorcycle events next week . Enjoy!

Can’t Miss Fall Motorcycle Events

fall motorcycle events

Fall motorcycle events are happening all over the United States, and if you are hoping to get into some of the action, Travels with Harley can help.

fall motorcycle events



Halloween Biker Bash Sparks America Bike Week

Head to Sparks Oklahoma for the Halloween Biker Bash Sparks America Bike Week. The gates open on October 20 with free beer at the gate. Best get there quick though as the suds are only around while supplies last. RV and tent camping is available along with free hot showers. With costume contents, live music and lots of food Sparks is the place to be for fall motorcycle events.

fall motorcycle events

Autumn Thunder Beach Motorcycle Rally

The Sunshine State always has great fall motorcycle events and this year isn’t any different. Panorama City plays host to the 15th annual Autumn Thunder Beach Motorcycle Rally. Starting on 19 October and running until the 23rd, the event has something for everyone with more than 200 vendors. Touting itself as the most Biker Friendly FREE Rally in America, there will contests and live entertainment on the beach. There will be bikini pageants, a bike parade, poker runs, and motorcycle stunt shows. With fee admission and parking, this is a great way to support local business.

fall motorcycle events

Blue Comet MC Crazy Coffee Run

See autumn in all her glory and head up to New England for fall motorcycle events. Skippack Pennsylvania is where you will discover the Blue Comet MC Crazy Coffee Run. Bring your brooms, cages, and most importantly your bikes for the Halloween Poker Run. This event is open to the public. Registration starts at 9:00 am with the first bike hitting the road rain or shine at 10:00 am

fall motorcycle events


Birch Run Motorcycle Swap Meet

If you like motorcycle swap meets, you will not want to miss the annual Birch Run Motorcycle Swap Meet. Located in Birch Run Michigan, the event features new and used motorcycle parts and accessories with more than 400 vendors participating in the event on Saturday, October 16. Have a bite to eat, buy some new leathers, and enjoy the great fall weather at the Birch Run Motorcycle Swap Meet.

fall motorcycle events


Fall is the time to enjoy your bike, especially if you have to pack away your two-wheeled best friend for the winter.

Get out and enjoy yourself for fabulous fall motorcycle events. Travels with Harley plans on it!

Fall Motorcycle Weekend Getaways Washington

fall motorcycle weekend getaways

Fall motorcycle weekend getaways are the best way to see Mother Nature in all her glory. If you follow our Travels with Harley blog, you will know that Jim doesn’t like motorcycle camping, at all…but we still enjoy fall motorcycle weekend getaways, as long as we stay in a nice hotel.

Of course, I always read the reviews before we book our fall motorcycle weekend getaways, but sometimes the reviews aren’t always accurate, fortunately, that hasn’t happened too often.

fall motorcycle weekend getaways

This week we’re heading to the state of Washington for some spectacular colors, a comfortable place to lay our heads and, this really goes without saying, but I will anyway, great food!


fall motorcycle weekend getaways

WA Forest Road 25

Highway 20 and the North Cascades is where you will find plenty of reminders that fall is defiantly in the air. The 83.3-mile ride is full of some tight corners, a section of sweepers, and some nice curves that will almost leave you as breathless as the amazing scenery. You’ll ride through the North Cascades National Park where you will spot lots of deer. You can stay at Leavenworth, the Bavarian Village Theme Town. October is a great month as the entire town is celebrating Oktoberfest with two more weekends left to pull out your lederhosen.

fall motorcycle weekend getaways

WA Forest Road 25

Claimed to be the, “Overlooked gem,” for fall motorcycle weekend getaways, the WA Forest Road 25 near Mt. St. Helens is touted as one of the best in Washington State. It’s got lots of curves though, which could be one of the reasons that casual weekend motorcycle riders often overlook it. There are lots of campgrounds in the area, but check the list as some are open all year round, and some aren’t. Of course, Jim and I chose to stay at the Cowlitz River Lodge, which is a little over 13 and a half miles outside of Randle in Packwood. Just off the US 12, it’s a great place to stay the night, especially if you want to hike the Mt. Rainier Trails the next day.

fall motorcycle getaways

SR15 Aberdeen

The SR15 Aberdeen will give you both coastal and spectacular views of autumn in all its glory. The 47.2-mile ride is quite touristy in the north, but the sea views and the sweeping curves are worth it. Tokeland is a little over halfway and has some great places to relax after a hard day of riding.

fall motorcycle getaways

Although we have yet to enjoy the home style cooking, the Tokeland Hotel and Restaurant is on our list of fall motorcycle weekend getaways. It used to be a Victorian era farmhouse and has been converted into a hotel and restaurant about a mile from the Port of Willapa Harbor and the marina. It’s actually the oldest resort hotel in Washington first becoming the Kindred Inn in 1889.

fall motorcycle rides

Jim and I love autumn and are planning a few more Travels with Harley fall motorcycle weekend getaways, are you?

Unheard of Fall Motorcycle Rides

fall motorcycle rides

Fall motorcycle rides are some of the most enjoyable on the planet, or at least Jim and I think so. So much in fact, that we decided to hit the road and share some fall motorcycle rides that not everyone is aware of.


Beartooth Pass

fall motorcycle rides

Beartooth Pass, located in Montana and Wyoming, is one of those fall motorcycle rides that you will not want to miss. With endless hairpin turns and curves, this road is definitely for the more experienced riders. The views are spectacular with the colors of fall peeping through dense forests and incredible mountains. Be prepared as your descent is straight down. Best pack a lunch as there are no amenities on this hair-curling trip but there are plenty of places to stop and enjoy the scenery.

fall motorcycle rides

Tunnel of Trees

Located in Michigan, the Tunnel of Trees road is a must during the fall. Midsummer and autumn are the best times to take the Tunnel of Trees fall motorcycle rides as the summer brings plenty of sunshine and warm weather so that you can enjoy the ocean while taking a break from the road. Just be sure if you are there in the summer that you watch for sand on the road.

fall motorcycle rides

During the fall, the Tunnel of Trees is in all her glory with an amazing show of autumn colors. The road hugs the Lake Michigan shoreline and is full of narrow curves. If you are hungry, stop by the Legs Inn for a Polish Entrée or some potato pancakes. The Inn has been a family owned and operated establishment for 90 years.

motorcycle rides in the fall San Juan Mountain Skyway

Colorado is home to the San Juan Mountain Skyway where you will find the perfect opportunity for fall motorcycle rides. Everyone who has enjoyed this trip will tell you that this is one of the most gorgeous areas in the Rocky Mountains. Strap on your GoPro because you will not want to miss the majestic mountain tops as you cruise through an area that is called the, “Switzerland of America,” thanks to its 14,000 mountain peaks. Along the way, you can stop at the hot springs or check out the red rock canyons.

fall motorcycle rides

When it comes to fall motorcycle rides the United States can’t be beat so grab your helmet, get on your bike, and enjoy a fall ride that only comes around once a year.

Fall Travels with Harley Tips

Travels with Harley Tips

Travels with Harley Tips can help, especially since we have been sharing all kinds of great fall motorcycle rides with those of you who follow our blog. However, you shouldn’t just jump on your bike without some preparation.

Some parts of America are certainly not warm year round. Jim and I live in Missouri and have our fair share of cold weather, but that is nothing compared to Maine, Wisconsin and Canada. When the seasons change, so does the climate, and although September can be unpredictable once the leaves start dropping, it won’t be long before the temperatures do too.


Jim and I double check everything before we hit the pavement and have some Travels with Harley Tips that we would like to share.

Fall Travels with Harley Tips


Those colorful leaves that you see on your fall motorcycle ride are beautiful, but can also be extremely hazardous. Leaves that are piled up on the road can be covering up dangerous potholes. Keep a close eye on the road and take the routes that you know. Fall is never the time to attempt a new motorcycle road trip, especially if you don’t know the road very well.

Fall Travels with Harley Tips

Deer Season

Deer are most active in autumn as they are running from hunters or looking for food. Be aware when you ride and wear protective gear. Make sure you scan both sides of the roadway, especially in the more rural areas as deer will dart out in front of you. Keep especially alert during dawn and dusk when deer are most active.

Fall Travels with Harley Tips


Pull your leathers out of storage and enjoy the cool, crisp temperatures. Leather really is a great friend as it protects you from the elements, including the wind. Jim knows how much I hate being cold when we are riding so I make sure I take my leather jacket and chaps during this time of year.

Fall Travels with Harley Tips

Because the weather is so unpredictable during the fall, chilly in the early morning hours and almost hot in the afternoon to freezing or below once the sun goes down, you will want to make sure that you are prepared. Being under-dressed with mechanical problems that were anything but expected can be downright dangerous. Carry lightweight but warm emergency clothing in case of an emergency.

Fall Travels with Harley Tips


Road Surfaces

Cold fall nights lead to morning frost so it is important that you are aware of frost and even black ice that could make you lose traction, especially on those tight curves. Watch for shady spots on the roadways, as they are always the first to ice up. Make sure you know the road and your surroundings if you are cruising during the fall.

Fall Travels with Harley Tips

Enjoy the beauty of the season, but make sure you are safe and ready to go first for your fall motorcycle ride and stay tuned for some more Travels with Harley Tips!

US Motorcycle rides in the fall

motorcycle rides in the fall

It may seem too early for Motorcycle rides in the fall, but if you follow our Travels with Harley blog, you will know that Jim and I like to prepare ahead when it comes to riding, and this coming autumn is certainly no exception.

motorcycle rides in the fall

It’s great to organize Motorcycle rides in the fall especially in the East and the Southeast.

Jim and I have had the pleasure of riding the Road King during the most beautiful season in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and would gladly do it again if given the opportunity.

Regardless of where you call home, you don’t have to pack up and drive for days to find some of the best spots for Motorcycle rides in the fall.

motorcycle rides in the fall

The Catskills

Located in the southeastern part of New York, the 6,000 square foot Catskill Mountains are home to 35 mountain peaks and 6 river systems. The Woodstock Music Festival was held in the Catskills, which is most vibrant during autumn when the gorgeous colors of fall take center stage against the wooded hillsides. The Catskills are great for Motorcycle rides in the fall as each region hosts the fall harvest with farmers markets and pick your own orchards abound. The Woodstock Farm Festival runs from June until late October and features about 15 vendors selling fresh fruits and vegetables and home made goodies. Get there at the right time and you may even catch the Renaissance fair. The best time to enjoy the foliage is the last two weeks in September until mid to late October.

motorcycle rides in the fall

Aspen Colorado

Known for its winter sports, most people have no idea that the town takes its name from a tree. During autumn, the Aspen tree leaves turn a gorgeous yellow that makes them shimmer in the sun when the breeze blows. If you like Motorcycle rides in the fall you will love taking off and enjoying Aspen for the weekend before the snow starts to fall. The best time to go is mid-September until the end of the month. Although the season is short, it’s definitely worth the trip, even if it’s just for a day or two.

motorcycle rides in the fallThe Berkshires Massachusetts

The Berkshires offer gorgeous fall colors that make the perfect foreground for the luscious mountainous hamlets that dot the countryside. Autumn is the perfect time to enjoy the winding roads that seem like they were made for Motorcycle rides in the fall. Take off for a weekend and spend the evening in Lenox at the Blantyre Hotel. Designed after a real castle in Scotland it was built in 1902. The best time to see autumn is from late September to mid-October peaking during the Columbus Day Weekend celebration.

motorcycle rides during the fall

With so many gorgeous places to enjoy Motorcycle rides in the fall Jim and I decided that we would share more in our next Travels with Harley blog…we can’t wait to hit the road and explore more places for all of us to enjoy!

More Motorcycle Friendly Restaurants in Florida

motorcycle friendly restaurants Florida

With so many Motorcycle Friendly Restaurants in Florida, we decided to stick around and see what else we could find, and all I can say is that another road trip to Florida is definitely on the cards!

If you follow the Travels with Harley Blog, you will know that last week Jim and I highlighted some awesome Motorcycle Friendly Restaurants in Florida, but we have discovered there are many more little hidden treasures along the way.

motorcycle friendly restaurants Florida

The Sebring Diner is a great place to stop for breakfast and lunch and has great roads through the Sunshine States, “Citrus Country,” to get you there. Located at 4040 US Highway 27 South, the diner offers great value and plenty of motorcycle parking. The diner has a great counter reminiscent of the fabulous 50’s with menu items to match. I’m a stickler for homemade, especially when it comes to biscuits and gravy and this place looks like it has it all. Other breakfast and lunch favorites include the Corned Beef and Hash Omelet and the Open Face Meatloaf Sandwich.

Motorcycle Friendly Restaurants Florida

Located on N. Ozello Trail in Crystal River, Pecks Old Port Cove is a must when it comes to Motorcycle Friendly Restaurants in Florida. This classic seafood restaurant has an awesome outdoor bar and plenty of menu items including fresh blue crab straight off the boat and a spectacular Fisherman’s Platter that will really fill you up. Pecks Old Port Cove has the best views, especially if you sit in the Tiki room at Sunset.

motorcycle friendly restaurants Florida Mojo

Mojo’s on Oceanshore Blvd in Flagler Beach is another must stop if you are looking for good Motorcycle Friendly Restaurants in Florida. The bar and grill tavern has special bike nights and an incredibly fun atmosphere. If you ask around you can also find plenty of great roads for sport touring and sport rides. Oh, and great motorcycle parking too!

motorcycle friendly restaurants Florida

Unlike a lot of the Motorcycle Friendly Restaurants in Florida, Mojo’s is locally owned and operated and has a great menu. Touting award winning ribs and ½-pound ground sirloin burgers, they also have the coldest beer in town, I guess we’ll have to find out! With indoor and outdoor bars, why wouldn’t you want to stop…oh, and Mojo’s has live entertainment as well!

motorcycle friendly restaurants Florida

We could have stopped, but had to include one last example of great Motorcycle Friendly Restaurants in Florida.

If you are in Key West, Louie’s Backyard, on Waddell Ave. is a destination for sure with its variety of Caribbean specialties and or course, seafood. Louie’s is a longtime local establishment that serves lunch, dinner and weekend brunch.

Motorcycle Friendly Restaurants in Florida Louies

Louie’s Backyard with its multi-level deck, is a great place to enjoy a tuna burger for lunch, or a classic Maine lobster roll. If you stop in for dinner, try the Bahamian Conch Chowder for an appetizer and order the Lemon Horseradish Crusted Salmon with Chive oil and Sugar Snap Peas for your main course.

We love to eat and will surprise you with more Motorcycle Friendly Restaurants in the United States next week!

Scrumptious Motorcycle Friendly Restaurants in Florida

Motorcycle friendly restaurants in Florida

If you are in search of the best Motorcycle friendly restaurants in Florida, Travels with Harley has got you covered, and if you follow our Travels with Harley blog, you will know that I am serious about my food, far more serious than Jim is!

Motorcycle friendly restaurants in Florida

Adams Rib Company has two locations in Gainesville and is dedicated to, “Putin’ the ribs, back in BBQ.” Open from 7:00 am to 9:00 pm Monday through Saturday Adam’s has won several awards. Everything looks delicious on the menu, but I am partial to Adams Delight. Adams Delight is a combo plate that comes with a half a slab of ribs, two sides; I would go with the mac and cheese and collards, garlic toast and banana pudding with vanilla wafers and fresh bananas. This is seriously right up the Travels with Harley alley when it comes to Motorcycle friendly restaurants in Florida.

Motorcycle friendly restaurants in Florida

Bogey’s Restaurant in Defuniak Florida gets rave reviews. Stop in for happy hour between five and seven, or drop by for lunch. Prime rib night is every Wednesday and features slow roasted prime rib with au jus, your choice of a side, and salad and garlic bread for just $17.99. Located in the Old Murray’s restaurant in the Hitching Post building, Bogey’s has something for everyone including fried green tomatoes, stuffed shrimp and of course, key lime pie.

Motorcycle friendly restaurants in Florida

Gator Joes is another great little restaurant that is located on Lake Ocklawaha. This is another one of those extremely Motorcycle friendly restaurants in Florida that you will want to check out. This awesome restaurant was opened back in 1926 and is the only one of its kind with its Key West style waterfront restaurant. Serving all of the standards including fried green tomatoes, jambalaya and locally grown gator tail, Gator Joes is the place to be if you want to relax on the water.

Motorcycle friendly restaurants in Florida

The Lorelei Restaurant and Cabana Bar is a must if you love Motorcycle friendly restaurants in Florida on the beach. Located on the Overseas Highway in Islamorada, with plenty of bike parking in the shade the Lorelei Restaurant and Cabana Bar has something for everyone and serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. The spacious roadhouse has spectacular sunsets and even better food. The Key’s Concho chowder is a must as is the Own Catch Dinner. You catch it, Lorelei’s will cook it however you like. Of course, you can’t leave without trying the famous Lorelei’s Key lime pie with mango sauce and whipped cream.

Motorcycle friendly restaurants in Florida


With so many Motorcycle friendly restaurants in Florida to choose from, Travels with Harley may just have to come back next week with more great eateries in Florida. See you then!

Delicious Motorcycle Friendly Restaurants in Alabama

Motorcycle Friendly Restaurants in Alabama

Motorcycle Friendly Restaurants in Alabama are not hard to find, and if you follow the Travels with Harley Blog, you will remember that we did highlight some awesome Harley Road Trips in Alabama this past spring, but we didn’t highlight the best Motorcycle Friendly Restaurants in Alabama.

Motorcycle Friendly Restaurants in Alabama Bobs

Located at 1715 6th Av. SE in Decatur and 2520 Danville, SW in Decatur Big Bob Gibson’s Original Bar-B-Q has great reviews with many calling it the best in Northern Alabama. When Bob Gibson started serving Bar-B-Q from a table in his backyard back in 1925, the smoke and the smell brought people from everywhere. Fast forward to today and Big Bob Gibsons family Bar-B-Q restaurant has lasted more than 75 years and four generations. The restaurant has the usual fare including barbecued chicken, pork and beef ribs and of course, brisket.

motorcycle friendly restaurant in Alabama

Alabama is known for great catfish and if you are in search of Motorcycle Friendly Restaurants in Alabama that serve awesome catfish, Ezell’s Catfish Camp is the place to be. The atmosphere is relaxing and fun, especially if you get a seat on the patio that faces the river. Open Thursday through Sunday and located on Ezell Road in Butler, Alabama, you’ll find shrimp, oysters, crab, gumbo, frog legs, and of course, whole catfish and catfish filets.

jerusalem cafe motorcycle friendly restaurant Alabama

Everyone knows that Alabama has amazing seafood and great barbeque, but if you feel like trying something new and are looking for great Motorcycle Friendly Restaurants in Mobile Alabama check out the Jerusalem Café. Located on Airport Blvd., the affordable restaurant specializes in classic Middle Eastern food. I would love to try the Chicken Shawarmah or the Jerusalem Dinner Feast. If you are craving gyros or hummus this cozy eatery is the place to be.

motorcycle friendly restaurant Alabama reds

Built in 1910, Red Little’s School House Restaurant is located on Gardner Road in Grady, Alabama. Another great example of Motorcycle Friendly Restaurants in Alabama, the classic southern style restaurant was built in 1910 and opened as a restaurant in 1985. Serving an awesome southern buffet, the interior, and exterior, is exactly what you would expect from a schoolhouse. Best selections on the menu, in my opinion anyway, is the fried chicken, Mac and cheese, collard greens, corn bread, and of course pecan pie.

motorcycle friendly restaurant Alabama Wintzels 2

Before we go, we can’t leave Wintzells Oyster House out of our Travels with Harley Blog. For more than 75 years, Wintzells Oyster House has been serving up seafood and is now a franchise with locations dotted throughout the gulf coast. Called a must for both locals and tourists, Wintzells Oyster House serves crawfish etouffee, gumbo, fried green tomatoes, and of course, oysters prepared six different ways. Personally, I can’t wait to try the cold salad with lump crab meat and marinated onions.

There are dozens more Motorcycle Friendly Restaurants in Alabama, but it’s time to move on. Next week Travels with Harley is heading to Florida to source some of the best restaurants and diners in the Sunshine State.

Just Another Motorcycle Friendly Restaurant in California

Motorcycle friendly restaurants

When it comes to finding a good motorcycle friendly bar or restaurant in California I like to do my research as both Jim and I have been disappointed after anticipating what we thought would be all that and more.

motorcycle friendly restaurant

If you follow our Travels with Harley Blog you will remember that I haven’t always been happy with my menu selection even though Yelp recommended what I thought would be a delicious breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

motorcycle friendly restaurant

Finding the perfect Motorcycle Friendly Restaurant is something that Jim and I have always been passionate about, well, then again, maybe it’s just me… Most of you know that Jim is more of a meat and potatoes man where I like to be adventurous and try new things. That is how Travels with Harley started over three years ago.

Although we haven’t started officially filming our adventures, it won’t be long before you follow Jim and I as we eat, drink and sleep our way across the U.S. Of course, when that happens you will be the first to know!

motorcycle friendly restaurant

Travels with Harley is going to spend the next few weeks sharing what we have heard are some of the best places to eat and drink when you are on a motorcycle road trip.

This week we’re going back to my home state of California.

motorcycle friendly restaurant

The Rock Inn

Located in Lake Hughes California, this full restaurant and bar is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and is located between Lancaster and Valencia. The Rock Inn is a local favorite that has had several different names including the Harley Rock Inn. The Inn has live bands from one to five on Saturdays and Sundays and best of all you can stay the night. Although the reviews are mixed, I would love to try the Rock Inn just so I can climb up and down the cool rock and iron spiral staircase and order the Saturday night Prime Rib Special.

motorcycle friendly restaurants

Newcomb’s Ranch

Built in 1939, Newcomb’s Ranch was a popular hotel, gas station and Motorcycle Friendly Restaurant. After the building was destroyed by fire back in 1976, it was rebuilt and reopened by Lynn Newcomb Jr. who later sold the ranch to Frederick H. Rundall who continues to run the restaurant, store and Inn. Popular with Harley riders, and everyone else for that matter, the restaurant menu sounds delicious with all kinds of great fare including the Egg McNewcomb for breakfast or the Big Pines Ortega Burger for lunch.

motorcycle friendly restaurant

Lookout Roadhouse

Called a hidden gem by Yelp reviewers, the Lookout Roadhouse is located on the Ortega Highway in Lake Elsinore and is a great place to stop, get off your Harley, and have a bite to eat. Open from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm the restaurant bar has amazing views of Lake Elsinore and is a favorite stop if you are craving breakfast, lunch or dinner.

motorcycle friendly restaurant

Andria’s Seafood

If you have a hankering for seafood Andria’s Seafood in Ventura gets some great reviews and is a popular spot for H.O.G. members. Located on the pier on Spinnaker Drive the restaurant fish market is known for its homemade clam chowder and original fish and chips. Voted Best Seafood Restaurant in Ventura, Andria’s has great views and great food to match!

motorcycle friendly restaurant

Next week we’re going to share some more motorcycle friendly restaurants both in the United States and Canada.

Make Sure you are Compatible for Motorcycle trips

motorcycle trips

Motorcycle trips are great, especially when you ride with a group, but as Jim and I have learned on our Travels with Harley motorcycle trips, not everyone is compatible. You may have a favorite riding buddy that you get together with for a day, but how do you know that your friend will be compatible on a long ride?

motorcycle trips

If you follow the Travels with Harley blog, you will know how much planning is needed for long motorcycle trips including what you will pack and the route that you will take, however, one of the most overlooked motorcycle trip details is who you will be riding with. Jim and I are great traveling companions, but if you don’t have the luxury of riding with a group that you know or a friend that you can trust, you need to ask yourself just how compatible you really are.

motorcycle trips

Riding Skills

If you are a bit of a daredevil, you want to make sure that your traveling companion is up to it. If you can navigate twisty roads with loads of curves, you will want to find a riding buddy that can handle it as well. The last thing that you want to do is slow down or wait for your companion to catch up. You can’t ask your riding buddy to pick up the pace as it can take away from the fun and could be dangerous.

motorcycle trips


Knowing each other’s budgets will prevent any problems on your motorcycle trips. If your riding buddy is on a tight budget your favorite five star hotel could be out of the question. Of course, you could share a room and split the cost, but if either of you snore, it may cause some serious issues.

motorcycle trips

Meals should also be considered. If you eat like a bird and your friend enjoys three meals a day it could be a problem. Most importantly are the places that you choose. Everyone’s taste varies and if you are the type of person who likes to eat like a King, your riding companion’s fast food choices could be problematic.

motorcycle trips

Touring Experience

If you travel quite a bit, like Jim and I do, you may take motorcycle touring for granted. If you are traveling with a novice, you may have to wait as your companion meticulously packs up his or her bike every morning. Worse yet, you may have to spend more time in the store than on your bike as your riding buddy shops for items that may have been forgotten.

motorcycle trips


Before you head out on motorcycle trips, make sure that you spend some time with your potential riding buddy before you venture out on long motorcycle trips. The two of you may get along fine in small doses, but what about on a long trip.

motorcycle trips

Remember, motorcycle buddies can be friends for life, as long as the two of you are compatible. If you aren’t, your best weekend riding friend could end up being your worst enemy.

Motorcycle Camping in California

motorcycle camping

For the past couple of weeks, Travels with Harley has talked about Motorcycle camping, and if you have been following our blog, you will have all the tips you need for a successful motorcycle camping trip, but you still need somewhere to camp. After some research, Jim and I discovered some of the best places in California for Motorcycle camping.

Motorcycle camping

Big Sur

Jim and I love Big Sur and have spent plenty of time there; however, we have never pitched a tent. According to other H.O.G. members, Big Sur has a motorcycle camping site that is just five miles down a little dirt road, which certainly keeps the tourists away. The campsite has awesome views of the Pacific Ocean and fire rings, but best bring your own water, as there isn’t any available. Also, be prepared to take your trash out and bring you own wood as it is illegal to gather it at the campsite. The sunsets are phenomenal and something that everyone should see at least once.

motorcycle camping

Death Valley Saline Valley Hot Springs

Travels with Harley have talked about the incredible motorcycle road trips in Death Valley, but now we hear it is an awesome place to camp as well. The campsite is about 50 miles from any paved road giving campers two ways to get in, the south, and the north passes into Saline Valley. The North Pass was recently graded, but the south still remains grueling and will test your riding skills. Be prepared as it is a long way in if you have any problems. Make sure that you check out the Saline Valley Hot Springs and don’t forget to pack your necessities and bring plenty of water. Because of the heat, the best time to go is in the winter.

motorcycle camping

Joshua Tree Hidden Valley

Another winter motorcycle camping spot that you won’t want to miss is Joshua Tree, Hidden Valley. If you want to enjoy the high desert you will love the campsite, and although it’s remote, it is well worth it as it is the most picturesque in the Joshua Tree Hidden Valley campsite, just make sure you watch out for rattlesnakes. Even if you camp during the winter, they are still plentiful in Joshua Tree.

motorcycle camping

Nelder Grove Campground Western Sierras

If you love the giant redwoods in California, you will not want to miss the Nelder Grove Campground. You can get to the campsite by traveling down a forest service road that is dotted with Sequoia stumps that were left over from logging in the 19th century. You can actually set up camp around the stumps. Best of all, the Sequoia Grove is walking distance from the campsite. Be sure to walk the Shadow of the Giants Trail. The best time to travel to the campsite that has clean toilets and water is during the summer.

motorocycle camping


Motorcycle camping can be lots of fun, as long as you are prepared. Make sure that you check out the Travels with Harley Camping Tips.

Happy motorcycle camping!

More Motorcycle Camping Tips

Motorcycle Riding Tips

If you follow Travels with Harley, you would have read about our Motorcycle Camping Tips in a previous blog. You will also remember that Jim isn’t crazy about motorcycle camping, but I’m sure if he was a fan, he would appreciate this week’s Motorcycle Camping Tips.

Motorcycle Riding Tips


The first thing you want to consider is the season. If you are going Motorcycle Camping during late fall or early winter your apparel will be quite different from camping in spring or summer. You also have to think about what your activities will be when you get off your bike.

Take a pair of rubber booties or shower shoes, a windbreaker, and synthetic clothing, which tend to compress and pack easier than cotton. Synthetics can also be layered for cooler temperatures and dry easier as the sweat wicks itself away for your skin.

Motorcycle Riding Tips


Unless you are staying in a cabin or hotel, which technically isn’t Motorcycle Camping, you need to make sure you have your shelter situation well in hand. Minimalist camping is okay for some, but quite frankly, the thought of sleeping under a shower curtain, or nothing at all isn’t very appealing.

Motorcycle Riding Tips

After talking to other H.O.G riders, the best Motorcycle Camping Tips include purchasing a dome tent that is one more person larger than the number of people sleeping in it. If you have a four-person tent with four people snoozing at night, buy a five or six person tent that is light enough to carry, but big enough to hold the four of you and your gear safely out of the weather. Also, make sure you have a groundcover that will fit your tent. You’ll be nice, dry, and safe from bugs and reptiles.

Motorcycle Riding Tips


If other motorcycle camping enthusiasts laugh when you tell them you are buying a sleeping mat, say good for you and go get a nice bag and mat. Personally the last thing Jim, or me for that matter, would want to do is sleep on the ground.

Motorcycle Riding Tips


Portable menu items have certainly come along way. These days you can find freeze-dried foods that will give you a gourmet meal just by adding water. However, before you head out of town, it is a great idea to plan your meals accordingly. Decide when you will eat at the campsite and when you will venture out to a restaurant. Don’t forget water purification tablets, as sometimes campground water isn’t always what it should be.

This summer enjoy yourself and try some of these Motorcycle Camping Tips if you are heading out for a few days. Happy Camping!

Tips for Motorcycle Camping Trips

Motorcycle Camping Trips

Motorcycle Camping Trips are something that I would love to try. However, if you follow the Travels with Harley blog, you will know that Jim isn’t so fond of Motorcycle Camping Trips, but seeing as summer is in full swing, we thought we would share some great Motorcycle Camping Trips tips before you head out on the road.

Don’t Spend a Fortune

Motorcycle Camping TripsIf you have decided to try Motorcycle Camping Trips, don’t go off and spend a ton of money on the latest gear and equipment. Start slow, plan a short trip, and pack light. Buy or borrow enough equipment for an overnight stay at a location that you are familiar with. If you end up hating Motorcycle Camping Trips you will be stuck with all of your expensive camping gear.

Motorcycle Camping Trips

Planning is everything

Just like our Road King, most motorcycles have very little carrying capacity. Make sure that you take what you need and leave the rest at home. Remember, Motorcycle Camping Trips are really backpacking on a motorcycle so making a checklist is imperative. During the planning stages, make sure that you check the weather as well.


Check and Re-Check

Motorcycle Camping TripsMake sure that you are familiar with your camping gear before you hit the road. Set up your tent, make sure you know how the stove works and prepare something before you head out. Try sleeping on your pad and bag before you go on Motorcycle Road Trips. Keep an inventory and checklist the morning of your trip to make sure you don’t leave anything at home.

Motorcycle Camping Trips


Never overload your bike on Motorcycle Camping Trips. Travels with Harley recommend that you store your heavier items on the bottom and as forward to your rear wheel as possible. Pack your motorcycle the day before you leave and do a test-drive.

Motorcycle Camping Trips

Match your Campsite

People who venture out on Motorcycle Camping Trips know ahead of time where they will be staying. If the site that you have your eye on takes reservations, make them. Most campsites are fully booked a month or two in advance. If you have never been on Motorcycle Camping Trips book a campsite that has running water, toilets, and showers. If you are experienced when it comes to Motorcycle Camping Trips, you can rough it, but make sure that the place you are headed allows motorcycles. Also, make sure to read the reviews for the campsites that you are considering.

Motorcycle Camping Trips


Of course, there is much more to share when it comes to Motorcycle Camping Trips and we plan on telling you all about it in an up and coming Travels with Harley blog.

California Motorcycle Day Trips That You’ll Love

motorcycle day trips

It’s the first day of summer and that means lots more motorcycle day trips. Jim and I are sifting through dozens of Harley Davidson Owners Group posts and websites so that we can determine what motorcycle day trips we want to take this summer. If you’re in California, there are many motorcycle day trips that you’ll enjoy.

motorcycle day trips

It gets hot in California, especially in June and July, but that doesn’t mean you can’t experience great motorcycle day trips during the summer.

If you are in it for the scenery, you may want to skip the Palomar Mountain Loop, as it is vital that you keep your eyes on the road. Some of our H.O.G friends will tell you that this is one of the most technical motorcycle day trips in Southern California. However, with the great vistas and lush forests, you will want to stop and take a few pics. There are multiple hairpin turns, and a few long sweepers that will keep you on your toes. Once you get to the top of Palomar Mountain, stop and have a bite at Mother’s Kitchen. It’s a vegetarian eatery that will please even hearty meat eaters.

motorcycle day trips

The Yuba River Ride is another must if you are hankering for motorcycle day trips this summer, but be sure and pack a lunch, as there isn’t much in the way of amenities along the way, unless you want to stop in Downieville for a bite. The ride takes you right along the north fork of the magnificent Yuba River often to the bottom of the canyon. The scenery is stunning; especially with all of the rain and snow that Northern California has had this year. The road has lots of twists and turns and a few straight aways giving you a chance to see the beautiful views.

motorcycle day trips

If you are looking for long motorcycle day trips check out the Hwy 299 from the coast to Redding. Whichever way you ride, you are sure to enjoy the scenery. The 150-mile trip is probably one of the most spectacular rides that you will ever experience. The road is in pretty good shape with lots of well-banked curves and some high-speed twists and turns that can be tricky. You will be able to stop along the way and take some pictures of the majestic redwoods and the scattered pines that you will see along the way. motorcycle day trips four

Stop at the Straw House Resorts and Cafe in Weaverville, which is about 95 miles inland from the coast. You can escape the heat and enjoy a cold beer and a pizza before heading back out on the road.

This summer promises to be filled with awesome motorcycle day trips that Travels with Harley is definitely going to share.

The Best Motorcycle Rides in North Carolina

North Carolina Motorcycle Trips

The south has some amazing Motorcycle rides in North Carolina. North Carolina is blessed with some of the best motorcycle rides in the United States including the Blue Ridge Mountains, the Piedmont Plateau, and the Atlantic Coastal Plain region. Motorcycle rides in North Carolina highlights include Deal’s Gap, also known as the Tail of the Dragon, the Blue Ridge Parkway and of course access to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in the southern part of the state.

Motorcycle Rides in North Carolina

Jim and I have been on the Hellbender 28 and would love to do it again as this is one of the best examples of Motorcycle rides in North Carolina. With its drop offs and sweeping curves lakeside in the Smokies there are very few rides in the entire country that have the views that the Hellbender 28 has. The 22-mile stretch ends up at Deals Gap beginning the famous, “Dragon.” The roads are in great shape and although there is some commercial traffic, there are plenty of places where it is just you and the road. Halfway through you will find yourself in Fontana Village in Fontana Dam. The resort is very motorcycle friendly and offers lodging and even houseboats to rent.

Motorcycle Rides in North Carolina

When it comes to the best Motorcycle rides in North Carolina, you will not want to miss Mountain Meander; especially if you like waterfalls as there are four of them on this trip including Bridal Veil and Dry Falls. With lots of switchbacks and turns on nice blacktop, you will have an exciting ride. Although there aren’t any roadside amenities on the route, you can continue south on to Highway 64 where you will find fuel and some food stops. Stop by the Jackson Hole Trading Post and Gem Mine on 28 and you can get a free map of the waterfalls in the region.

motorcycle rides North Carolina

It isn’t fair to talk about Motorcycle rides in North Carolina without mentioning Shiner’s Run, also known as The Rattler. You will ride through the mountains from I-40 to the Hot Springs on the 209. You will pass by rock bed rivers, old farms, churches and scenic mountain overlooks.

The road quality is quite good and has something for everyone including elevation changes, high-speed sweepers, twisties, and a couple of nice straight aways when you get to the farmland.

North Caroline Motorcycle road trips

About half way to the Hot Springs, you will find a café and the Trust General Store. The Iron Horse Station hotel restaurant is located at your final destination, the Hot Springs, and is a great place to stay after your ride.

Travels with Harley is hitting the road this summer and can’t wait to share our stories.