Biker Friendly Bars Northern California You Don’t want to Miss

Biker friendly bars Northern California

There are some great biker friendly bars Northern California, and if you follow the Travels with Harley Blog, you will know that Jim and I love to travel to my home state for biker friendly bars California. This week we head to the northern part of the state for more biker friendly bars Northern California.

Harold’s Dante Hotel-This establishment has been around since 1993 and caters to motorcycle riders. Located on Railroad Ave in Cloverdale, Ca. Harold’s Dante Hotel has the coldest beer in town and is great place to stop for a game of pool. With plenty of bike parking, this is a great little example of biker friendly bars Northern California.

biker friendly bars Northern California

The Plainfield Station-Woodland is where you will find this awesome little biker friendly bar and grill. With live music on Fridays and Saturdays, an outdoor bar, and an amazing outdoor stage, you will not want to stop anywhere else. County Road 93 in Woodland the Plainfield Station is the place to be if you are craving a Jalapeno Burger and Fries.

biker friendly bars Northern California

The Buckhorn Bar-Located on Adams Street in Dixon, this is one of the best biker friendly bars Northern California. With live music on Friday and Saturday and Karaoke on Tuesday, the place is hopping all year round. The food is standard pub fare with a great menu. Tuck into a Franchise Rueben Sandwich from the Buckhorn Bar or sink your teeth into the popular Matador Burger.

biker friendly bars Northern California

River City Saloon-2nd Street in Old Sacramento is where you will find the River City Saloon. Opened in 1871, this perfect example of biker friendly bars Northern California has been remodeled a few times over the years and offers free biker parking on the corner of J and 2nd streets. The saloon is known for its Deli Sandwiches and has a variety to choose from. Sample the Gold Miner and don’t forget to wash it down with a glass of house made sarsaparilla.

Biker friendly bars Northern California

Biker friendly bars Northern California offer something for everyone, and if you are planning a day or weekend trip, stop for a bite and enjoy everything that Northern California has to offer.

Next week, Travels with Harley heads east for more biker friendly bars in Nevada.

Three Biker Friendly Bars in California

biker friendly bars in California

Biker Friendly bars in California aren’t all the same, and if you follow the Travels with Harley Blog, you will know that Jim and I have sampled quite a few, however, with all of the pubs and bars going biker friendly there are a few that we haven’t enjoyed, but would sure like to.

According to what I’ve read, and seen on Pinterest, these are on the must try list for sure.

biker friendly bars in CaliforniaRepublic

Recently renovated and with a brand new image, the Republic, formerly Thorny’s in Spring Valley Lake, has plenty of motorcycle parking. The neighborhood pub and American Eatery has a full menu with specials all week.


biker friendly bars in California

With tacos starting at just $1.25, you can’t go wrong. Stop in for breakfast on the weekend and try the Huevos Rancheros or tuck into a breakfast burrito. Featuring live music and a private Speakeasy themed back room available for private rental, you, and the H.O.G crew can hold your next fundraiser followed by a ride in the desert when you drop by the Republic in Spring Valley Lake.

biker friendly bars in California

Cadillac Ranch Saloon

Located on Highway 18 in Apple Valley Ca, the Cadillac Ranch Saloon is one of those biker friendly bars in California that you will not want to miss. With plenty of parking for your Harley, or your horse, the Cadillac is much more than a biker bar. With live music, an outdoor patio and Bloody Mary’s that are larger than life, the Cadillac Ranch Saloon is a great place to have a bite after a long ride in the desert. The Cadillac even has Karaoke during the week.

biker friendly bars in California

The Joshua Inn

A true biker bar in every sense of the word, the Joshua Inn is a favorite when it comes to biker friendly bars in California. Located on Arrowhead Road in Hesperia, the Joshua Inn has something for everyone and enough motorcycle parking for your entire Harley Davidson Riders Club. With a pool table and the coldest beer in town, you can’t go past the Joshua Inn for a quick stop on your way to Vegas.

biker friendly bars in California

 Biker friendly bars in California are more popular than ever, and that means more trips on the Road King.

Next week Travels with Harley will head to the northern part of the state for more biker friendly bars in California.

4 Motorcycle Friendly Restaurants Colorado

motorcycle friendly restaurants Colorado

If you follow the Travels with Harley Blog, you will know how much Jim and I love to eat, and although he is more of a meat and potatoes guy, I can get him to sample some of the interesting menu items that I like to try. This week we are going to share some motorcycle friendly restaurants Colorado that you will love.

motorcycle friendly restaurants Colorado


The Piper Inn Aurora

Located on S Parker Road in Aurora, CO, the Piper Inn is known by bikers all over the United States and is a great place for Buffalo Wings. With plenty of motorcycle parking, you will enjoy tucking into a plate of what some call the best wings in Colorado, fries and a cold beer before heading out on a great ride in Colorado.

motorcycle friendly restaurants Colorado


Handlebars Restaurant and Saloon

Silverton, Colorado is where you will find this great biker friendly restaurant. Since 1989, the Boden Family has been serving up lunch and dinner for hungry riders seven days a week from May through October. Try the lunch cut prime rib for an afternoon nosh, or enjoy fresh rainbow trout for dinner. When you have a meal at Handlebars, you will not leave hungry.

motorcycle friendly restaurants Colorado

Blondie’s Pub and Grub Blondie’s Trophy Room

Claiming to have the coldest beer and the hottest girls in the state, Blondie’s Pub and Grub is a great little place located in Cortez CO, just between Telluride and Durango. Touting its cuisine as, “Mixed,” you will have a difficult time choosing your meal. Serving breakfast, lunch and dinner, anytime is a good time for Blondie’s, and if you are a breakfast fan, you will not be disappointed.

motorcycle friendly restaurants Colorado


Buffalo Rose

This great bar and restaurant has been around since 1858, and offers folks in search of motorcycle friendly restaurants Colorado anything and everything they could ask for.

motorcycle friendly restaurants Colorado

From May to August, you can enjoy a free pig roast on the first Sunday of the month at the Buffalo Rose while washing it down with an icy cold beer. With daily specials that include Taco Tuesday and Burger Madness on Mondays, this is one place you will want to put on your motorcycle friendly restaurants Colorado bucket list.

motorcycle friendly restaurants Colorado

Motorcycle friendly restaurants Colorado are great, especially if you are planning a two, three, or four-day trip.

Next week, Travels with Harley will share some biker friendly hotels and motels where you can relax after a delicious meal in some of the most motorcycle friendly restaurants Colorado.

4 Secret Motorcycle Friendly Restaurants California

motorcycle friendly restaurants

Motorcycle friendly restaurants are a lot easier to find than they used to be. If you follow the Travels with Harley Blog, you will know that Jim and Demea have already blogged about quite a few motorcycle friendly restaurants. However, there are a few more secret eateries that the pair would like to share.

motorcycle friendly restaurants

Charlie Brown Farms

Located in Littlerock, CA, Charlie Brown Farms is a day trip for sure. The largest gift shop in the Antelope Valley is also home to real Texas style barbecue. You’ll find local honey, more than 60 varieties of Jerky and of course, the farms famous Date Shakes. Stock up on homemade fudge handcrafted on site or splurge and order some deep fried Oreos or Twinkies. With plenty of parking, Charlie Brown Farms is a must if you are looking for motorcycle friendly restaurants.

motorcycle friendly restaurants

The Historic Rock Inn

If you are enjoying a ride around Lake Hughes, CA drop by The Historic Rock Inn for a bite to eat. Catering to bikers, the full bar and restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner 7 days a week. The Inn has a live band every weekend between 1 and 5 so you may want to consider staying the night at the Inn. The historic building has been around since 1929 and is a must if you are searching for motorcycle friendly restaurants in California.

motorcycle friendly restaurants

Mother’s Tavern

If you are riding up or down the Pacific Coast Highway, be sure and stop by the little red house on the beach. Mother’s Tavern has popular bands on Sundays and is extremely biker friendly. You will get a kick out of the dollar bills, panties, and bras that line the walls of this funky vintage honky tonk tavern.

motorcycle friendly restaurants

Thirsty Isle

Located on Carson St. and Lakewood Blvd in Long Beach, CA, the Thirsty Isle is a must if you are looking for motorcycle friendly restaurants. Featuring shareable appetizers and standard pub faire, there is plenty of bike parking at this great little eatery. Try a pastrami burger with fries and wash it down with a 32-ounce schooner.

motorcycle friendly restaurants

When it comes to motorcycle friendly restaurants, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Before you head out do your research. Some restaurants may be permanently closed or could have changed hands. If that is the case, the menu and the food may not be as good as it used to be.

In next week’s blog, Travels with Harley heads to Colorado for more motorcycle friendly restaurants.

Weekend Motorcycle Trips and What to Watch For

weekend motorcycle trips

Weekend motorcycle trips are a reality in quite a few states around the country, and if you are itching to get away for a great ride for the day, or want to stay the night and ride all day Sunday. Just remember as you take your Road King out of storage that although spring is one of the most beautiful times of the year to jump on your Harley, it can also be one of the most dangerous.

weekend motorcycle trips

Salt-The smell of spring and the warm temperatures make it tough to ignore your Softail, however be aware that the roads will have salt and grime left over from the winter. The salt that they use to protect drivers from snow on the roads can cause serious problems for motorcycle riders. The roads may be cleared, but it will take a few good rains to get rid of the problem.

weekend motorcycle trips

Grime-That stuff that covers the roads after the first spring rain after winter or a particular dry spell will make roads extremely greasy and slippery for weekend motorcycle trips. The harder it rains the less grime, but it can easily return making it just as dangerous as it was when it first appeared. weekend motorcycle tripsOther Drivers-After a season of closed windows drivers have a tendency to forget about riders on motorcycle trips. Be very careful when you venture out. You may think they see you turning left in the suicide line, but never assume anything when it comes to being seen on the road.

weekend motorcycle trips

Road Hazards-If you live in part of America that saw significant rain and snow over the winter months, you know how hard it was on the roads. Check the road report before you jump on your bike. If you don’t, you could travel for 50 miles only to have to turn around because of a washed out road. weekend motorcycle trips

Potholes are especially bad after winter and can pop up everywhere. Be especially careful on the curves and blind spots. Don’t think you’re safe on the straight-aways either as potholes the size of a small lake can appear anywhere.


If you are traveling with others don’t ride next to each other on a road that you aren’t sure about as you will want to limit the space between you and the other rider if a pothole should appear out of nowhere.

Enjoy your weekend motorcycle trips and the sights and smells of spring; just don’t forget to be cautious when you get on your bike and ride.

Colorado Spring Motorcycle Day Trips

spring motorcycle day trips

Dreaming of Colorado spring motorcycle day trips is one of the things that keep Jim and I happy during the cold days of winter, and if you are anything like us, you are ready to hit the road when you see that first daffodil peaking out of the ground searching for sunlight.

We have been doing our research and had a blast checking out new trips, and if you are dreaming of Colorado spring motorcycle day trips, you may want to take a page out of our book and try these out yourself.

spring motorcycle day trips

Mount Evans Scenic and Historic Byway

Home to North Americas highest paved road, it is an astounding 14,130 feet above sea level. Beginning your journey in Idaho Springs, an historic town known for its mining, this 52 mile round trip will take you through pine trees and exposed mountainsides that will literally take your breath away.

spring motorcycle day tripsTake your camera, as you will want to snap the rocky peaks, glacier cut valleys and the big horn sheep and mountain goats that you will see along the way. Once you get into Mount Evans, you can stop for a bite to eat at the Historic Echo Lake Lodge. Built in 1926, the lodge is located at the entrance to Mount Evans.

The original dining room is a sight to behold with some of the best menu items in the state. Sample the pan-fried trout before you dig into a slice of homemade pie.

spring motorcycle day trips

Historic Byway and the Scenic Santa Fe Trail Trinidad to Lamar

Carrying traders and pioneers across the prairie during the 1800s the original Santa Fe Trail is still used today taking travelers through an amazing history of early Colorado. You can even see the wagon ruts at some points in the trail.

spring motorcycle day trips

The route is relatively easy being nice and straight, which is perfect for novice Colorado spring motorcycle day trips riders. In the middle of your ride, you will come across Bent’s Old Fort National Historic Site that served as a trading post along the trail.

spring motorcycle day trips

This is a long trip, 184 miles one way, about four hours, so you may want to consider spending a couple of days if you want to see everything that the ride has to offer. If you are hungry, try the Ranchers Restaurant, which is supposed to have an awesome salad bar. I know it is on my list when we make this trip.

spring motorcycle day trips

Los Caminos Antiguos Scenic and Historic Byway

One of the best examples of Colorado spring motorcycle day trips will take you from some of Colorado’s oldest towns to the top of the sand dunes. Stop in Conejos where you will see the oldest Catholic Church in the state and be sure to have a bite in San Luis, the oldest community in Colorado.

spring motorcycle day trips

San Luis is home to Fort Garland. The oldest of its kind, the 1858 military post was once home to Kit Carson a Civil War hero. This three-hour 129-mile trip takes you from the New Mexico border to Alamosa.

We don’t know about you, but with all this talk, it’s time to start getting ready for Colorado spring motorcycle day trips. Next week we’ll take you back to California for some more spring motorcycle day trips.

Thanksgiving Fun Facts

Travels with Harley

As you sit down with family and friends this Thanksgiving take a moment to remember one of America’s most well loved holidays, while you ponder this list of little known fun facts about, “Turkey Day.” The Pilgrims that arrived from the United Kingdom in Plymouth New England on the east coast of America were the very first to celebrate Thanksgiving. The feast itself lasted three days, and according to historians was more about

Travels with Harley

celebrating a successful harvest and the ability to stay alive as apparently hundreds of colonists died the first year after arriving on Plymouth Rock. Back then, both the Native Americans and the pilgrims also danced and sang, which makes perfect sense doesn’t it? Who could eat like that for three days straight?

Travels with Harley

The Wampanoag Indian tribes were the first to celebrate Thanksgiving with the pilgrims. The tribe also taught the colonists how to cultivate the land and how to use what grew wild in the new land. You may be fond of your turkey, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, sweet potato casserole, Mac and cheese, pumpkin pie and of course stuffing and cranberries, but the pilgrims and the Native Americans most probably said thank-you with a mouth full of lobster. Other first Thanksgiving choices included chicken, rabbit, fish, quail, and duck with sides such as hickory nuts, cabbage, radishes, goat cheese, eggs, onions, beans, squash, leeks, dried fruits, honey, and maple.

Travels with Harley

Apparently, somebody forgot to put forks on the Mayflower as the pilgrims ate with their hands, spoons, and knives. One of the founding fathers of the United States, Benjamin Franklin, urged the United States to make the turkey the national bird of America. Obviously, that didn’t happen. Thanksgiving became official on October 3, 1863 when President Abraham Lincoln issued an official Thanksgiving Proclamation. The national day would be the last Thursday in November.

Travels with Harley

Nearly 290 million turkeys are bought and enjoyed for Thanksgiving in the United States, with California being the largest consumers of Thanksgivings favorite bird. Most folks presume that Thanksgiving is an American thing. However, the Canadians also celebrate the day of thanks on the second Monday each October. The average weight of a turkey purchased for Thanksgiving is 15 pounds. A 15-pound turkey will have around 70 percent white meat with 30 percent dark meat.

Travels with Harley

The most popular Thanksgiving leftovers are sandwiches, chili, casseroles, soup, and burgers. Not all turkeys gobble. Hens make a clucking sound while the males gobble. This Thanksgiving, Travels with Harley would like to wish everyone a very safe, loving, and happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy your family and friends, and don’t forget to say thank-you!

Five Halloween Motorcycle Events

Halloween Motorcycle Events

Halloween motorcycle events are happening all over the country, and if you are hoping to get out and enjoy a good old fashioned fright night, Travels with Harley has some great Halloween motorcycle events that just may scare the living daylights out of you.

Halloween motorcycle events

Gypsy MC Halloween Run

The 33rd annual Gypsy MC Halloween Run is a motorcycle rally that is happening on Friday October 21 and runs until Sunday the 23. The event is located at the San Patricio Rattlesnake Grounds in Texas and offers plenty of tent camping with space for self-contained RV’s. With a poker run, auction, bike games, live music, contests, vendors and great food, this should not be missed.

Halloween motorcycle events PA Rally on the River Halloween

The PA Rally on the River Halloween starts on Friday October 21 winding down on Sunday the 23. The motorcycle rally is just another great example of Halloween motorcycle events and takes place at the Splash Magic Campground on the Susquehanna River in Northumberland PA. The Halloween Party and old school biker rally all rolled into one promises lots of surprises for everyone.

Halloween motorcycle events Harley Davidson Museum Skulloween Party

The Harley Davidson Museum in Milwaukee WI is playing host to a Skulloween Party on October 27 with doors opening at 5:00 pm. Happening until 9:00  pm, the event features live music, food, beverages, and lots of costume contests and games. Enter by 7:30 and you can win a $500.00 gift card or an H-D Museum package. You can even win a leather jacket.

Halloween motorcycle events Riders Roost annual Halloween Bash

Ferguson NC is where you will find the Riders Roost annual Halloween Bash on Friday October 28. The Halloween Bash features costume contests, a drunken’ pumpkin contest and live music. Located at the Rider’s Roost Motorcycle Resort and Campground on Elk Creek Darby Rd in Ferguson, the bash is one you won’t forget.

Halloween motorcycle events

Halloween Scenic Ride

The 6th annual Halloween Scenic Ride starts at 8:00 am on Sunday October 30 and runs until 2:00 pm. Beginning at Panera Bread in N. Apopka FL, kickstands go up at 10:00 with riders enjoying lunch at the Cassadaga Hotel, which is known for paranormal activity with ghost sightings all over the place, including some caught on camera. There will even be a Tarot Card reader present.

Halloween motorcycle events

Halloween is just around the corner, and that means more Travels with Harley Halloween motorcycle events next week . Enjoy!

Fall Motorcycle Weekend Getaways Washington

fall motorcycle weekend getaways

Fall motorcycle weekend getaways are the best way to see Mother Nature in all her glory. If you follow our Travels with Harley blog, you will know that Jim doesn’t like motorcycle camping, at all…but we still enjoy fall motorcycle weekend getaways, as long as we stay in a nice hotel.

Of course, I always read the reviews before we book our fall motorcycle weekend getaways, but sometimes the reviews aren’t always accurate, fortunately, that hasn’t happened too often.

fall motorcycle weekend getaways

This week we’re heading to the state of Washington for some spectacular colors, a comfortable place to lay our heads and, this really goes without saying, but I will anyway, great food!


fall motorcycle weekend getaways

WA Forest Road 25

Highway 20 and the North Cascades is where you will find plenty of reminders that fall is defiantly in the air. The 83.3-mile ride is full of some tight corners, a section of sweepers, and some nice curves that will almost leave you as breathless as the amazing scenery. You’ll ride through the North Cascades National Park where you will spot lots of deer. You can stay at Leavenworth, the Bavarian Village Theme Town. October is a great month as the entire town is celebrating Oktoberfest with two more weekends left to pull out your lederhosen.

fall motorcycle weekend getaways

WA Forest Road 25

Claimed to be the, “Overlooked gem,” for fall motorcycle weekend getaways, the WA Forest Road 25 near Mt. St. Helens is touted as one of the best in Washington State. It’s got lots of curves though, which could be one of the reasons that casual weekend motorcycle riders often overlook it. There are lots of campgrounds in the area, but check the list as some are open all year round, and some aren’t. Of course, Jim and I chose to stay at the Cowlitz River Lodge, which is a little over 13 and a half miles outside of Randle in Packwood. Just off the US 12, it’s a great place to stay the night, especially if you want to hike the Mt. Rainier Trails the next day.

fall motorcycle getaways

SR15 Aberdeen

The SR15 Aberdeen will give you both coastal and spectacular views of autumn in all its glory. The 47.2-mile ride is quite touristy in the north, but the sea views and the sweeping curves are worth it. Tokeland is a little over halfway and has some great places to relax after a hard day of riding.

fall motorcycle getaways

Although we have yet to enjoy the home style cooking, the Tokeland Hotel and Restaurant is on our list of fall motorcycle weekend getaways. It used to be a Victorian era farmhouse and has been converted into a hotel and restaurant about a mile from the Port of Willapa Harbor and the marina. It’s actually the oldest resort hotel in Washington first becoming the Kindred Inn in 1889.

fall motorcycle rides

Jim and I love autumn and are planning a few more Travels with Harley fall motorcycle weekend getaways, are you?

Fall Travels with Harley Tips

Travels with Harley Tips

Travels with Harley Tips can help, especially since we have been sharing all kinds of great fall motorcycle rides with those of you who follow our blog. However, you shouldn’t just jump on your bike without some preparation.

Some parts of America are certainly not warm year round. Jim and I live in Missouri and have our fair share of cold weather, but that is nothing compared to Maine, Wisconsin and Canada. When the seasons change, so does the climate, and although September can be unpredictable once the leaves start dropping, it won’t be long before the temperatures do too.


Jim and I double check everything before we hit the pavement and have some Travels with Harley Tips that we would like to share.

Fall Travels with Harley Tips


Those colorful leaves that you see on your fall motorcycle ride are beautiful, but can also be extremely hazardous. Leaves that are piled up on the road can be covering up dangerous potholes. Keep a close eye on the road and take the routes that you know. Fall is never the time to attempt a new motorcycle road trip, especially if you don’t know the road very well.

Fall Travels with Harley Tips

Deer Season

Deer are most active in autumn as they are running from hunters or looking for food. Be aware when you ride and wear protective gear. Make sure you scan both sides of the roadway, especially in the more rural areas as deer will dart out in front of you. Keep especially alert during dawn and dusk when deer are most active.

Fall Travels with Harley Tips


Pull your leathers out of storage and enjoy the cool, crisp temperatures. Leather really is a great friend as it protects you from the elements, including the wind. Jim knows how much I hate being cold when we are riding so I make sure I take my leather jacket and chaps during this time of year.

Fall Travels with Harley Tips

Because the weather is so unpredictable during the fall, chilly in the early morning hours and almost hot in the afternoon to freezing or below once the sun goes down, you will want to make sure that you are prepared. Being under-dressed with mechanical problems that were anything but expected can be downright dangerous. Carry lightweight but warm emergency clothing in case of an emergency.

Fall Travels with Harley Tips


Road Surfaces

Cold fall nights lead to morning frost so it is important that you are aware of frost and even black ice that could make you lose traction, especially on those tight curves. Watch for shady spots on the roadways, as they are always the first to ice up. Make sure you know the road and your surroundings if you are cruising during the fall.

Fall Travels with Harley Tips

Enjoy the beauty of the season, but make sure you are safe and ready to go first for your fall motorcycle ride and stay tuned for some more Travels with Harley Tips!

Fall Motorcycle Rides are a Must

Fall Motorcycle Rides

Fall Motorcycle Rides, we just can’t get enough of them, which is why Jim and I wanted to target a few more Fall Motorcycle Rides that will get you out of the house and on your Harley. Unlike lengthy summer vacations, fall getaways don’t need a lot of planning. All you have to do is have a location, a plan, and maybe a picnic.

Print Makers Inn

Savannah Georgia

Ranked as one of the top autumn getaways by the US News and World Report, Savannah, GA, is a great place to enjoy the foliage. Spend the weekend at the Print Makers Inn, which is one of the best B & B’s in the area, and enjoy classic Southern Hospitality in an 1884 classic B & B in the oldest city in Georgia. Book a river cruise and you will be in awe of the fall colors as you make your way down the river.

Fall Motorcycle Rides

New England

Ok, so New England isn’t a state, but it is an area that boasts some of the best autumn colors on the planet. New England is known for its gorgeous fall leaves as billions of them begin to change from green to chestnut brown, magenta, harvest gold and bright red. The air is crisp and cool making it the perfect time to head out on Fall Motorcycle Rides. While you are there be sure to pick up some fresh apples from the local stalls that are dotted up and down the roadways.

Fall Motorcycle Rides

The leaves begin to put on their show from mid-September to mid-October. However, if you head to Rhode Island, Massachusetts, up the New Hampshire coast and into southern Maine the colors can sometimes last until mid-November. There is plenty to do on the back of a Harley in New England. Jim and I have been on quite a few rides and if you follow our Travels with Harley blog, you will remember our New England Trailblazer Tour a few years back.

For some, autumn is the most beautiful time of the year, and if you want to enjoy it on the back of your Harley, do it now, as Fall Motorcycle Rides will be over before you know it.

More Motorcycle Friendly Restaurants in Florida

motorcycle friendly restaurants Florida

With so many Motorcycle Friendly Restaurants in Florida, we decided to stick around and see what else we could find, and all I can say is that another road trip to Florida is definitely on the cards!

If you follow the Travels with Harley Blog, you will know that last week Jim and I highlighted some awesome Motorcycle Friendly Restaurants in Florida, but we have discovered there are many more little hidden treasures along the way.

motorcycle friendly restaurants Florida

The Sebring Diner is a great place to stop for breakfast and lunch and has great roads through the Sunshine States, “Citrus Country,” to get you there. Located at 4040 US Highway 27 South, the diner offers great value and plenty of motorcycle parking. The diner has a great counter reminiscent of the fabulous 50’s with menu items to match. I’m a stickler for homemade, especially when it comes to biscuits and gravy and this place looks like it has it all. Other breakfast and lunch favorites include the Corned Beef and Hash Omelet and the Open Face Meatloaf Sandwich.

Motorcycle Friendly Restaurants Florida

Located on N. Ozello Trail in Crystal River, Pecks Old Port Cove is a must when it comes to Motorcycle Friendly Restaurants in Florida. This classic seafood restaurant has an awesome outdoor bar and plenty of menu items including fresh blue crab straight off the boat and a spectacular Fisherman’s Platter that will really fill you up. Pecks Old Port Cove has the best views, especially if you sit in the Tiki room at Sunset.

motorcycle friendly restaurants Florida Mojo

Mojo’s on Oceanshore Blvd in Flagler Beach is another must stop if you are looking for good Motorcycle Friendly Restaurants in Florida. The bar and grill tavern has special bike nights and an incredibly fun atmosphere. If you ask around you can also find plenty of great roads for sport touring and sport rides. Oh, and great motorcycle parking too!

motorcycle friendly restaurants Florida

Unlike a lot of the Motorcycle Friendly Restaurants in Florida, Mojo’s is locally owned and operated and has a great menu. Touting award winning ribs and ½-pound ground sirloin burgers, they also have the coldest beer in town, I guess we’ll have to find out! With indoor and outdoor bars, why wouldn’t you want to stop…oh, and Mojo’s has live entertainment as well!

motorcycle friendly restaurants Florida

We could have stopped, but had to include one last example of great Motorcycle Friendly Restaurants in Florida.

If you are in Key West, Louie’s Backyard, on Waddell Ave. is a destination for sure with its variety of Caribbean specialties and or course, seafood. Louie’s is a longtime local establishment that serves lunch, dinner and weekend brunch.

Motorcycle Friendly Restaurants in Florida Louies

Louie’s Backyard with its multi-level deck, is a great place to enjoy a tuna burger for lunch, or a classic Maine lobster roll. If you stop in for dinner, try the Bahamian Conch Chowder for an appetizer and order the Lemon Horseradish Crusted Salmon with Chive oil and Sugar Snap Peas for your main course.

We love to eat and will surprise you with more Motorcycle Friendly Restaurants in the United States next week!

Just Another Motorcycle Friendly Restaurant in California

Motorcycle friendly restaurants

When it comes to finding a good motorcycle friendly bar or restaurant in California I like to do my research as both Jim and I have been disappointed after anticipating what we thought would be all that and more.

motorcycle friendly restaurant

If you follow our Travels with Harley Blog you will remember that I haven’t always been happy with my menu selection even though Yelp recommended what I thought would be a delicious breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

motorcycle friendly restaurant

Finding the perfect Motorcycle Friendly Restaurant is something that Jim and I have always been passionate about, well, then again, maybe it’s just me… Most of you know that Jim is more of a meat and potatoes man where I like to be adventurous and try new things. That is how Travels with Harley started over three years ago.

Although we haven’t started officially filming our adventures, it won’t be long before you follow Jim and I as we eat, drink and sleep our way across the U.S. Of course, when that happens you will be the first to know!

motorcycle friendly restaurant

Travels with Harley is going to spend the next few weeks sharing what we have heard are some of the best places to eat and drink when you are on a motorcycle road trip.

This week we’re going back to my home state of California.

motorcycle friendly restaurant

The Rock Inn

Located in Lake Hughes California, this full restaurant and bar is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and is located between Lancaster and Valencia. The Rock Inn is a local favorite that has had several different names including the Harley Rock Inn. The Inn has live bands from one to five on Saturdays and Sundays and best of all you can stay the night. Although the reviews are mixed, I would love to try the Rock Inn just so I can climb up and down the cool rock and iron spiral staircase and order the Saturday night Prime Rib Special.

motorcycle friendly restaurants

Newcomb’s Ranch

Built in 1939, Newcomb’s Ranch was a popular hotel, gas station and Motorcycle Friendly Restaurant. After the building was destroyed by fire back in 1976, it was rebuilt and reopened by Lynn Newcomb Jr. who later sold the ranch to Frederick H. Rundall who continues to run the restaurant, store and Inn. Popular with Harley riders, and everyone else for that matter, the restaurant menu sounds delicious with all kinds of great fare including the Egg McNewcomb for breakfast or the Big Pines Ortega Burger for lunch.

motorcycle friendly restaurant

Lookout Roadhouse

Called a hidden gem by Yelp reviewers, the Lookout Roadhouse is located on the Ortega Highway in Lake Elsinore and is a great place to stop, get off your Harley, and have a bite to eat. Open from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm the restaurant bar has amazing views of Lake Elsinore and is a favorite stop if you are craving breakfast, lunch or dinner.

motorcycle friendly restaurant

Andria’s Seafood

If you have a hankering for seafood Andria’s Seafood in Ventura gets some great reviews and is a popular spot for H.O.G. members. Located on the pier on Spinnaker Drive the restaurant fish market is known for its homemade clam chowder and original fish and chips. Voted Best Seafood Restaurant in Ventura, Andria’s has great views and great food to match!

motorcycle friendly restaurant

Next week we’re going to share some more motorcycle friendly restaurants both in the United States and Canada.

More Motorcycle Camping Tips

Motorcycle Riding Tips

If you follow Travels with Harley, you would have read about our Motorcycle Camping Tips in a previous blog. You will also remember that Jim isn’t crazy about motorcycle camping, but I’m sure if he was a fan, he would appreciate this week’s Motorcycle Camping Tips.

Motorcycle Riding Tips


The first thing you want to consider is the season. If you are going Motorcycle Camping during late fall or early winter your apparel will be quite different from camping in spring or summer. You also have to think about what your activities will be when you get off your bike.

Take a pair of rubber booties or shower shoes, a windbreaker, and synthetic clothing, which tend to compress and pack easier than cotton. Synthetics can also be layered for cooler temperatures and dry easier as the sweat wicks itself away for your skin.

Motorcycle Riding Tips


Unless you are staying in a cabin or hotel, which technically isn’t Motorcycle Camping, you need to make sure you have your shelter situation well in hand. Minimalist camping is okay for some, but quite frankly, the thought of sleeping under a shower curtain, or nothing at all isn’t very appealing.

Motorcycle Riding Tips

After talking to other H.O.G riders, the best Motorcycle Camping Tips include purchasing a dome tent that is one more person larger than the number of people sleeping in it. If you have a four-person tent with four people snoozing at night, buy a five or six person tent that is light enough to carry, but big enough to hold the four of you and your gear safely out of the weather. Also, make sure you have a groundcover that will fit your tent. You’ll be nice, dry, and safe from bugs and reptiles.

Motorcycle Riding Tips


If other motorcycle camping enthusiasts laugh when you tell them you are buying a sleeping mat, say good for you and go get a nice bag and mat. Personally the last thing Jim, or me for that matter, would want to do is sleep on the ground.

Motorcycle Riding Tips


Portable menu items have certainly come along way. These days you can find freeze-dried foods that will give you a gourmet meal just by adding water. However, before you head out of town, it is a great idea to plan your meals accordingly. Decide when you will eat at the campsite and when you will venture out to a restaurant. Don’t forget water purification tablets, as sometimes campground water isn’t always what it should be.

This summer enjoy yourself and try some of these Motorcycle Camping Tips if you are heading out for a few days. Happy Camping!

Preparing for a Motorcycle Road Trip

planning a motorcycle road trip

Preparing for a motorcycle trip can be difficult, and frankly, Jim and I have had a few road trips where we were not prepared; however, now that we know more about preparing for a motorcycle trip, we are not so worried about forgetting something.

Below are a few tips that you may want to consider if you are preparing for a motorcycle road trip.

planning a motorcycle road trip

Weather Appropriate Clothing

Depending on when you are traveling, you will want to your gear to be able to deal with the elements. For warmer months, pack sunscreen, sunglasses and a cool neck wrap, and gloves, a heated vest liner, and waterproof outerwear during the fall and winter.

preparing for a motorcycle road trip


The last thing that you want is to breakdown and not have the appropriate tools. Make sure that you have motor oil, a bike cover, a tool kit, a tire inflation kit and jumper cables. If you are handy with a wrench, include fuses, spare spark plugs, and maybe a clutch cable.

preparing for a motorcycle road trip

All the comforts of home

If you are like Jim and I you know that preparing for a motorcycle road trip is all about traveling light. However, there are some things that I like to take along including earplugs, lip balm, and toiletries.

In case of an emergency

Make sure that you pack a list of contacts and a first-aid kit. Don’t forget your medications, waterproof matches, a flashlight, phone charger, energy bars, and an emergency blanket. Always have water on hand as well as a few snacks that are easy to pack.

preparing for a motorcycle road trip

Roll it up

When you roll your clothes, like Jim and I do when we are preparing for a motorcycle road trip, you can fit more than you would if you folded them.

Synthetics over cotton

Synthetic clothes dry much faster than cotton, and if you have just been rained on or washed your clothes and want to get back out on the road, pack the synthetics.

preparing for a motorcycle road tripCompare your list

If you are riding with a group, make sure that your riding buddies and your partner are not duplicating items. Share what you can to save room for more important things.

Keep your gear towards the front

Because the front is your motorcycles center of gravity, it is important to disperse your personal items evenly as it will make for a smoother ride, even with the additional weight.

Preparing for a motorcycle road trip

Group it

If you are preparing for a motorcycle road trip try and group your similar items in zip lock baggies as you can arrange your things neatly making them much easier to access.

Next week Jim and I will talk about the finer details of preparing for a motorcycle road trip.

Just Another Motorcycle Road Trip in Massachusetts

Motorcycle Road Trip

A Motorcycle Road Trip can take an hour or ten days, depending on where you are headed, but as Jim and I like to say, any Motorcycle Road Trip is a good trip, as long as you are prepared ahead of time.

If you follow our Travels with Harley Blog, we have been sharing some great examples of the perfect Motorcycle Road Trip and this week we’re headed to Massachusetts.

Motorcycle Road Trip

From the thick forests in the Berkshire Mountains in western Massachusetts, to the huge bluffs in Cape Code, Massachusetts really does have it all. You can hit the small towns, or spend a night in Boston for great shopping and dining. The Mayflower landed in Massachusetts followed by the Revolutionary War and the Witch Hunts.

Motorcycle Road Trips

Through the Country to the Castle is a great Motorcycle Road Trip that has mountains, ocean and country roads that take you to Castle Island all in just 36 miles. You’ll go through Blue Hills Mountain where you will see amazing views of Boston and the surrounding areas on winding roads that are invigorating and well paved. Quincy Shore has a couple of great eateries including Tony’s Clam Shop, which has a great selection of seafood platters.

The Country Whip Inc

Scenic Route 105 is another great Motorcycle Road Trip in Massachusetts that you will not want to miss. You will drive through orchards and farms taking you through Acushnet ending up in historic Marion. There will be lots of 90-degree right and left turns. When you get to Acushnet, stop at The Country Whip Drive Inc, and try a lobster roll and some fried clams.

Sams Pizzaria and Cafe

If you don’t have all day, but feel like getting out for a great little Motorcycle Road Trip, take the 23 mile Route 66 to Northampton. You’ll ride past mountains, farmlands, and state parks on good quality roads with lots of curves and hills. Once you get into Northampton, you will find a lot of great places to eat and shop, two of my favorite activities. Try to find something with outside tables, such as Sam’s Pizzeria and Café where you can enjoy a gourmet pizza washed down with an icy cold beer. Sam’s has live music Wednesday through Sunday and is open until 3:00 am on the weekends, not that Jim and I are ever up that late, or early!

Motorcycle Road Trip

Jim and I love Massachusetts and hope to get in another Motorcycle Road Trip for another Travels with Harley adventure soon. When that happens, we will definitely keep you posted!

More Great Travels with Harley Trips

Travels with Harley Trips

We love our Travels with Harley Trips and promised you another week of motorcycle road trips in Tennessee, and if you have been reading our blog, which turns three this month, you will know that Jim and I always keep our word.

Old Hickory Road is a favorite of the Travels with Harley crew. The 27-mile ride begins where Old Hickory Road and the I-40E connect. Although you are only about 15 minutes outside of the country capital of the world, Nashville, you will feel like you have ridden to a distant location with a mix of rural, suburban, and urban scenery. Of course, I did my research before the trip and we like to head to Richard. Richard is actually an eatery that has great live music and delicious Cajun foods. Richards is open in the Tuesday through Friday with brunch on Saturday and Sunday.

If you love rides through the forest you will have to try another Travels with Harley Trips favorite, The Blues Highway. This along with other great rides can be found on one of our favorite reference websites, where you will find the best motorcycle routes and roads across the United States. Travels with Harley always checks before hitting the road.

The Blues Highway is another one of those Travels with Harley Trips that you will not want to miss. The 274-mile ride will take you to Highway 61 towards Memphis. If you’re hungry, there is great food nearly everywhere. If you would rather take another route, you could divert on to Highway 1 and visit Kermit the Frog’s birthplace.

The Mississippi Delta scenery is flat. As you enjoy the smooth and steady ride on your Harley there will be miles of road where all you will see are fields of cotton, soybeans, and corn. Jim and I like to stay a few days when we take the Blues Highway, as there are so many places to enjoy especially when it comes to great restaurants.

Located in downtown Memphis, Gus’s World Famous Fried Chicken is the place to be for the best southern cooking in town. If you do make the trip, be sure to gas up in the cities, as there is lots of pavement between fill ups.

The Back roads of Ocoee is a great little 16-mile ride that will get your heart started with its tight curves on the hilly paved roads. If you’re hungry, pull off at the Farmhouse Restaurant. Located in Etowah the family owned and operated eatery has been around for more than 15 years and features real country cooking’ straight out of Appalachia. This food is definitely not Soul Food or what is also referred to as Southern Cooking.

Travels with Harley sure loves Tennessee and so will you. Next week we have no idea where we are headed, but you can be assured that it will be another one of those great Travels with Harley Trips on the back of our Road King.

Tennessee Road Trips on a Harley

Travels with Harley

Tennessee Road Trips on the back of a motorcycle are incredible, especially during this time of year. If you follow the Travels with Harley blog, you will know that we promised you another blog about Tennessee Road Trips last week.

River Road is one of those Tennessee Road trips that you will love. The 16-mile drive takes you from Nashville to Ashland City and is filled with lots of curves and hills. The ride follows the Cumberland River and has good pavement.

Pucketts Grocery and Restaurant

Make it an afternoon ride and have breakfast at Puckett’s Grocery and Restaurant. This renovated 50’s grocery store has great reviews and sounds like a lot of fun. Serving breakfast, lunch and dinner and featuring live music, it’s one place that Jim and I have on our Tennessee Road trips bucket list.

Travels with Harley

Both Jim and I love the curves. It took some getting used to, but now I can even take pictures with our GoPro while we hug the turns. If you’re like us, the Old TN Highway 85 is another one of those Tennessee Road trips that you have to take. Although it’s only 9 miles long, Travels with Harley bets that it will seem much longer thanks to some of the sharp turns along the way. According to the reviews, this road trip has no overlooks or turnouts. It is so twisty that it’s closed to large semi trucks. Make sure to gas up and have a bite before you venture out though as there are no amenities on the Old TN Highway 85 in Tennessee.

Tennessee roadtrips

If you’re on the hunt for longer Tennessee Road Trips check out the I-40 through Pisgah and Cherokee National Forests. Featured on Motorcycle Road Trips, this awesome 28.4 mile ride takes you through the beautiful Appalachian Mountains. You’ll be just east of the Smokies National Park and although there is a divided highway as you follow along the Pigeon River, you will enjoy the mountain trip with great scenery, especially during spring when you can see the gorgeous colors of the abundant wildflowers in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Fall is also another time that you will want to enjoy Tennessee Road Trips. All who love pushing the throttle enjoy this high-speed curvy road.


One of the highway rest stops is actually a replica of Dolly Parton’s Sevierville cabin where she grew up. Once you get to the R276 leading to Maggie Valley, NC, you find lots of eateries and accommodations.

Tennessee Road Trips are plentiful, and next week we’re going to do more of the same. Have a great weekend everyone and don’t forget to get on your bike and ride. Travels with Harley certainly plans on it.

Harley Davidson Tennessee Road Trip This Spring

Travels with Harley

A Tennessee Road Trip is spectacular all year round, but especially in the spring and on the back of a Harley Davidson.

Nicknamed the Volunteer State, because of the thousands of soldiers who volunteered during the War of 1812, most prominently risking their lives in the Battle of New Orleans, Tennessee also stood up to the plate during the Mexican War when a mere 2,800 were asked to volunteer by the secretary of state and 30,000 responded.


When it comes to scenery, Tennessee certainly has it all from the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, where the wildflowers are in bloom right now, to the hustle and bustle of Nashville. Tennessee is also home to Graceland in Memphis. The gorgeous estate belonging to the King of Rock, Elvis Presley, is a must on your next Tennessee Road Trip.

Travels with Harley

The Tennessee Legend is an awesome Tennessee Road Trip that is 455 miles long. Of course, unless you don’t want to see anything, you may want to consider taking a couple of days to enjoy this Tennessee Road Trip. The twisty road with lots of tight curves offers gorgeous scenery with canyons, rivers, mountain valleys, and spectacular waterfalls. This Harley road trip certainly has it all with plenty of stops along the way. Try motorcycle camping, or go white water rafting. There are plenty of opportunities on this trip for you to get off your bike and stretch your legs.

Travels with Harley

Highway 141 is another must take Tennessee Road Trip during the spring. A short jaunt, at just 20 miles, this is an alternative route to the interstate and with excellent roads you’ll want to pick a destination before you head out so that you can enjoy the rest of your day. After all, don’t you want to have some fun getting there? The Edgar Evans State Park is the perfect place to stop for a picnic, especially this time of year.

Travels with Harley

If you would rather someone else did the cooking, drop in to the Rose Garden Restaurant about halfway in to your Tennessee Road Trip in Silver Point. Jim and I love great food where you least expect it, and apparently this little diner is right next to a gas station. It would be great for breakfast as the homemade biscuits and gravy are apparently the best in the state, according to Yelp anyway, and if you follow our blog you will know that I ALWAYS check out restaurants before we jump on the Road King.


Travels with Harley

Visit the Great Smoky Mountains in all her glory on the Tennessee 32 Road Trip. This 14-mile ride takes you through the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and the Cherokee National Park. Thanks to the wet winter, the cavalcade of colors from the abundant wildflowers is truly spectacular. One of the best things about the Tennessee 32 is that there is literally no traffic with the exception of about the last one and a half miles or so. Make sure you gas up, and don’t forget to pack a lunch. You will want to enjoy the beauty of spring on your own time.

Travels with Harley

This spring head to one of the most beautiful states in the country and enjoy a Tennessee Road Trip on the back of your Harley.

Tennessee is so plentiful when it comes to an awesome Tennessee Road Trip were going to spend another week in what is also known as the Butternuts state.

Have a great week everyone!

Harley Road Trips in Alabama

Travels with Harley

Harley road trips is what spring is all about and now that spring has officially sprung, it’s time to pull your Harley out of storage, dust it off and hit the road for great Harley road trips.

Travels with Harley

A couple of weeks ago we took you on some great little Harley road trips in Georgia and promised to take you on some Harley road trips last week, but St. Patrick’s Day side tracked us so we are going to head to Alabama this week instead.

Travels with Harley

Although there is no official nickname for Alabama, it has been known as the Yellowhammer state since the Civil War; Alabama is known for its rich cultural history and is a great place for Harley Road Trips. Some of the trails you can enjoy include the Native American Trail, the Civil War Trail, the Covered Bridge Trail and the Civil Rights Museum trails. Scenery around the state varies from lush forests to rolling hills with a small bit of the Gulf coastline, which is perfect for Harley road trips.

Travels with Harley

The Paint Rock Valley ride is 42 miles long and features some very sharp curves that have even the most experienced riders take care. The windy valley road takes you right along the Paint Rock River that is rich in animal and plant life that you will not find anywhere else. You can gas up at the top of the mountain, but as far as other amenities go, it’s best to pack a lunch and enjoy the scenery.

Travels with Harley

Eagles Point Guntersville State Park is another one of those Harley road trips that you will want to plan. This 79-mile trip takes you along a windy path near the river with gorgeous scenery that is hard to beat. With good quality pavement and lots of straights and turns, it is a good ride that you will want to sample if you are in Alabama. There are quite a few places to stop along the way where you can gas up and stop for a bite to eat. One of the most popular is in Guntersville. Stop for lunch halfway through your trip at the Top of the River, which is known for its catfish and seafood.

Travels with Harley

The Cheaha Mountain Skyway is a great little example of Harley road trips that you will not want to miss as it takes you along the Cheaha Mountain near Talladega in Eastern Alabama. The 44-mile trek is full of unspoiled countryside and into the Talladega National Forest. The wildlife is abundant, so don’t be surprised if you spot a couple of hawks or deer from the back of your Harley. Once you come off the mountain, you will roll into meadows, farms and a couple of small towns. If you want to make it a weekend trip, stay at one of the cozy cabins at the Cheaha State Park where you can relax in a hot tub while pondering the day’s events.

Travels with Harley


Stick with Travels with Harley this spring as Harley road trips are abundant and we plan to take you on every one we can find, in a virtual sense anyway!