More Harley Davidson Road Trips on the Bucket List


I am counting down the days until spring. We are expecting snow showers off and on all week, but even on the few days that we may see some sunshine, it is just too cold to jump on the Harley Davidson. Jim and I are really getting cabin fever and cannot wait to go out and enjoy a nice ride on the Road King without having to worry about bundling up in a million layers! In the meantime, I’ve been checking out a couple of trips that we wouldn’t mind taking, especially if we get some time once the weather starts to warm up.


I was checking out the Open Road website, which is obviously for motorcycle riders, and especially Harley Davidson Riders. With over six thousand rides that have been reviewed, it’s hard to choose your favorite. The best thing about this site is that you can share your ride and meet other enthusiasts as well.


If you have been following my blog, you know I have spent much of my life in California and of course, there is uncharted territory out there that Jim and I would love to explore on our Harley Davidson. We have done a few trips, but California is a big state and we would love to head to Joshua Tree and Twenty Nine Palms, not to mention Mount Lassen. The Crescent City ride would be awesome, as would the ride up to Lake Shasta.


Oregon is another place that Jim and I would like to explore although we would have to take our rain gear, as the weather can be really unpredictable.

Jim and I haven’t seen much of the south and that is a place that is definitely on our bucket list. Louisiana is a must, and yes, New Orleans is awesome, but I want to check out the gulf coast and the swamp lands. The plantation architecture is something that I could spend a week checking out as well, not to mention the Cajun cooking that I love so much!


All this talk about riding and food has got me going and I know I won’t be jumping on the Harley anytime soon, but I can enjoy some nice southern cooking with Jim! Have a great week!