The Harley Owners Group and Travels with Harley


Last week I told you about our Travels with Harley New England Trailblazer Tour that we are taking in September, and wanted to share a bit more about the Harley Owners Group, affectionately known as, H.O.G.

For decades folks have been teaming up to ride together, but it wasn’t until 1983, that the Harley Owners Group was formed as a community-marketing club. More than a promotional outlet for Harley Davidson, H.O.G. was formed to serve its customers creating a real lifestyle that makes it the largest sponsored riding motorcycle club on the planet. As an added bonus, the Harley Owners Group has opened up new streams of revenue for Harley thanks to the tie-in merchandise that is offered by H.O.G. members.

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When you buy a new Harley Davidson, you are automatically given a membership to the Harley Owners Group. When H.O.G. was created the powers that be from Harley Davidson hoped that it would build strong and long lasting relationships with its customers, consumers, and employees, and it certainly has.


According to Harley Davidson, members of the Harley Owners Group will spend 30 percent more than folks who aren’t members of H.O.G., even though they own a Harley. Harley Owners Group members buy clothing and accessories as well and attend Harley Davidson sponsored events like the New England Trailblazer Tour that we are taking in September.


Every Harley Davidson Dealership can sponsor a local Harley Davidson Owners Group Chapter just like the Bourbeuse Valley Bike Chapter that Jim and I belong to. If you read my blog, you will remember that Jim and I carried our Bourbeuse Valley Bike Chapter flag in the 110th Harley Davidson Anniversary celebration parade. Not all dealerships choose to sponsor a chapter, but the chapters that do exist must link to a sponsoring Harley Davidson dealership.


Jim and I are hoping to get a ride in within the next week or two, but the way things are going with the store, it will probably be more like May before we can enjoy a long trip on the Road King. The weather isn’t cooperating like we had hoped either. Raining today and still chilly with temps in the 40’s during the day. Hopefully sooner rather than later.