Travels with Harley 110th Anniversary Trip Part Three


Jim and I stayed at the Iron Horse Hotel for the Harley 110th Anniversary and had a blast. The owner had set up a package that included planned rides, but we skipped them this time. Because it was our first time experiencing an anniversary, much less a Harley 110th Anniversary on our Travels with Harley, we decided to just cruise around and bask in the glory of all things Harley. The next time we stay at the Iron Horse Hotel, we will definitely ride along with the owner.

The hotel is located right in the middle of the Harley 110th Anniversary festivities and is an extremely popular spot for riders and enthusiasts to meet and just hang out.

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The Harley 110th Anniversary celebration began on Thursday around noon for the HOG members and was open to the public at 5:00. Jim and I felt like we were kids again when we got to enjoy the Lynyrd Skynyrd concert.

Later on, we rode out to the Harley Davidson factory to check out the 2014 Harley Davidson bikes. Jim and I test drove a new Road King and really liked some of the new features.

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On our way back to the hotel, the sole of my right boot had started to break off, and because we rushed to get out of town, I didn’t pack another pair of shoes. Luckily for me, the staff at the Iron Horse came to the rescue with the front desk finding a cobbler that was able to repair my boot the same day. When walked down to the shop we discovered to older gentlemen working away in a little shop that had a strong smell of glue. One of the guys made me check my other boot in order to avoid a second break before the fixed my broken boot. Fixed by four in the afternoon the repair only cost us $15.00 and we were good to go.


While waiting outside I did a search for a good place to eat supper and found a Mexican restaurant within a couple miles. What a find! This was probably the best Mexican food we’ve had years, ranking right up there with meals we’ve had in New Mexico and Arizona. Guanajuato Mexican was a perfect ending to an amazing day.

There wasn’t a Harley Davidson location in the Milwaukee area that didn’t have hundreds of bikes. The local dealership had a huge party going on with bands and entertainment. The museum had vendors, entertainment, and music and the Summerfest grounds had so much going on you had a really hard time covering it all.


There were free tattoos, haircuts, & shaves, although you needed to have signed up the first day to be able to get in to any of these. At the free boot shine, we met some people from the St Louis area that shopped at our local dealer, Bourbeuse Valley Harley Davidson. We met riders from Australia, Mexico, Italy, St Petersburg Russia, Taiwan, and Japan, literally from all over the world.


We ended our time at the Summerfest grounds reliving our youth while listening to ZZ Top.

The next morning it was a run home just beating out the rain. After we got back to the house, we started talking about next year’s Harley Davidson Anniversary as we defiantly plan to make it an annual event in, “Travels with Harley.”