Travels with Harley Trailblazer Tour September 8


I’m kind of liking taking the reins on the blog for awhile. We have both been super busy with the stores, but it’s nice to take the burden off Demea, for now anyway! Besides, I like writing about our adventures on the Trailblazer Tour as it helps me remember all of the good things that we had.

trailblazer groupon road

I left you last week on the Trailblazer Tour after we had pulled into Brattleboro, VT. We met up with our friends Matt and Jodi from Michigan and Steve Sanders from New Jersey. While we were having drinks and catching up a couple that we had never met came up to our table and asked us if they could join us. I would say they were probably in their late fifties or early sixties. They were from the south of France, which I thought was very cool. They had rented a Street Glide in Florida for the Trailblazer Tour, but she said the seat was just too hard. He told us they had three bikes back home. A Harley Davidson Road King and an old 60’s BMW. If he told me what the other bike was I can’t seem to recall.


We met lots of other people riding on the Trailblazer Tour that night including Larry and Lisa from Georgia. Demea really liked the jacket, and yes, it was stylish, black with silver trim, but for me, I like to ride in something more vibrant and visible.


After a good night’s sleep, we got up about 6:00 and grabbed a Danish. We hooked up with some friends on the Trailblazer Tour before I took the bags down and loaded up the Road King.


While we were in the parking lot, we met Matt Blowers who works for Harley Davidson. He was on a 2015 Street Glide. After taking a group picture, the cops escorted us out of town. Normally that would be a worry, but not this time!


We ended up riding about sixty or seventy miles before stopping for gas. After we filled up, we rode another 40 miles. Matt from Michigan wanted to stop at the Fly Fishing Museum, but unfortunately, it was closed on Mondays. We ended up peaking through the window before heading over to the Robert Todd Lincoln House. Jodie is into Lincoln and wanted to take the tour, but Demea and I, not so much. We didn’t really want to spend $18.00 each for tickets, and Demea has some work to do on the laptop anyway.


Demea and I ended up riding over to the café at the golf course and ordered drinks and appetizers while we waited for the rest of the group on the Trailblazer Tour. When they others showed up they told us the tour was well worth the money, and we should have gone. Maybe next time.


Lunch was pretty tasty. We sat on the porch for lunch and Demea and I split a cheeseburger and homemade chips. Matt from Harley Davidson ended up paying for everyone’s lunch, which was very nice of him.


We ended up messing around so much that we were running late and ended up riding fairly hard to get within 50 miles of the stop for the day for the Trailblazer Tour, and that was when all hell broke loose as Demea got a call from the Holiday Inn Express in White River Junction VT saying that they had given away our room. Mind you, Demea had booked it three months in advance.


My wife is super organized, but when something like this happens, it tends to piss her off. More about that and the Trailblazer Tour next week.