Once Upon a Time without the Harley Davidson

Senior Class

Once upon a time, five girls went to the same high school together…yeah, I was thinking about starting my blog that way, but changed my mind!

This past Friday I flew into LAX, without the Harley Davidson, to meet with some of my BFF’s from High School. I had to deal with quite a few stops along the way, but it was well worth it.


I rented a convertible Mercedes, no, not a Harley Davidson, but had to take it back when it started to rain. Rain in California in August? Apparently so…I had a sneaking suspicion that I brought the rain with me. Unfortunately, I could get the top down, but not back up. The only replacement I could get was a convertible Camaro, which was nice, but much smaller, as we would all realized once we all tried to fit for a drive down the coast.


One of the gals that was meeting us flew in from Reno while the other three drove. I rented a hotel, The Dana Point Marina Inn, that one of the girls recommended in Dana Point and it was pretty nice. I got two rooms for all of us. Unfortunately, they weren’t connected, but we could wave to each other across the corridor. I was a bit disappointed about that, but the location, which was on the water, was perfect and close to everything.


Friday all we did was talk. One of the other girls wasn’t going to be arriving until Saturday, so we just talked and ate and talked some more. After a late night, we went to sleep, woke up the next morning, and had breakfast.


We couldn’t wait to get out and do something, so we went consignment shopping. There are heaps of consignment shops in the area and we all scored with dresses and purses. Most people would spend the day lazing in the sun, but not us. We would rather shop, talk, and eat, and besides, it was overcast and raining off and on all day.


By the time our last BFF arrived, we were starving so we decided to head to Turks. Turks is a great bar restaurant that is right on the water, and quite famous as I understand. Apparently, Turk Varteresian owned the restaurant. He was a strongman movie extra and a title-holding body-builder who previously owned four bars including Turks within the last 50 years.


The bar/restaurant walls are covered with movie memorabilia including pictures of the great Turk himself. Turk passed away a few years ago and his daughter Candy is now running this great establishment that serves great food and strong drinks. One of the girls said that it was haunted and that she had proof…Apparently she had more proof that day when she was leaving the restroom…


With that being said, I’m going to have to continue this next week. I took four days off and need to catch up, but I want to share the rest of my adventure and let you all know what Jim was up to while I was gone, and no, it didn’t include a ride on the Harley Davidson…I even have pictures…